Madison Area Guide to Volunteering & Giving Back

In preparation for this holiday season of new gifts, let’s all take a moment to see where our unused items can go. You may have new or gently used items that are taking up...

The Lessons I Never Learned That I Will Teach My Girls

I can still envision my dad's old Corvette it was white with red leather interior with a t-top. A faint memory but still a memory, a happy memory of what was. It was the...

Why the Rush?

I am at the tail end of my pregnancy, forty weeks this Thursday to be exact. I am uncomfortable, waddling and ready... I think. Being a second pregnancy it seems to have flown by. I...

Confronting My Learning Disability Early

“Mama read to me."  It’s a daily request that my toddler asks of me. If she had it her way we would read the whole library of books she has. Instead we set a...

Expiring Only Child Bucket List

Its official my daughter will have until the middle of September before she no longer is the only child. She had a nice long run of 3 years hogging the attention but soon she...

Surviving our 1st Family Road Trip

Driving- the all American travel method and in today’s world an option to avoid inflated airline tickets, pat downs by TSA and 3 oz. toiletries. This past 4th of July, my family set out...

Keeping the Holiday Spirit with Indoor Activities

With a black sky at 5 and the cold chill in the air my toddler and I have been busy making some fun things in the kitchen opposed to be outdoors. WARNING TO PARENTS:...

15 Busy Bags for Busy Toddlers

Toddlers are BUSY! They rarely keep still for more than a few minutes, get into EVERYTHING and need to be watched with a cautious eye. Busy bags are a great way to keep a...


Have you heard of the Teal Pumpkin Project? If not, have no fear I can fill you in. This campaign launched in 2014 by Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). The teal pumpkin shows your...

Preparing for the “New School”

Change is inevitable. Our lives are faced with different changes but is it truly is how we handle those situations that determines the outcome. Daycare in Madison is SUPER competitive. These days there seems...

Responding to that Burning Question

        It's the question asked on a daily basis. My daughter turned one last year and since then it's the burning question on everyone's mind. If it's not family or friends asking, it's the checkout...

Create Homemade Organic Lip Balm

What is coconut oil? What is with the hype? So many articles are talking about this multi-functional product. It can be eaten, de-frizz your hair and is a main ingredient in many homemade beauty...