Better Days Are Comin’

Whether you’re religious, spiritual, or other – I think we all feel it. Change is looming. The air seems fresher, the grass is greener, and both my body and mind feel the fog lifting. We’re all butterflies waiting to emerge from our cocoons. There is hope, and better days are coming.

‘Better Days’ by Ant Clemons and Justin Timberlake is on my running playlist, and has been my theme song as of late! I recently lost someone incredibly close to me, so I took a break from writing to grieve, heal, collect my thoughts, pick myself up, dust off, and start typing.

These times have been incredibly challenging. We’ve spent (more than) an entire year within the confines of our home… during that time – our family cat passed away; I’ve dealt with the ebbs and flows of having a chronic disease; and recently a family member was called amongst the angels. There are things in life that are often inexplicable, that leave behind scars and imprints on one’s heart. Reflection is such a key component to dissecting and understanding the impact of what life throws our way.

My husband and I were discussing the other night what words come to mind when we contemplate all that encompasses the pandemic. A few that made the list include: the COVID era, apocalypse, the great pause, sweatpants, ZOOM, virtual school, face masks, social distancing….and the list goes on. Instead of focusing on all of the hardships we’ve endured, I am shifting my attention towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve grown as a family, both literally and figuratively. We’ve dealt with love and loss, and in the process have discovered we’re stronger than ever imagined. We learned how to live simply, prioritize what really matters, be authentic and true to ourselves.

One of the biggest lessons I personally learned is that it’s so important to take care of yourself. I think we took for granted what we once considered ‘self care’ and now have a new appreciation and greater sense of what that entails. I’m halfway vaccinated, and we’ve begun making appointments that we’ve have skipped out on longer than I’m willing to say.
We’re excited to step off our little island and delve into other activities that don’t include our backyard oasis – but with that comes some real fear and anxiety. It’s only normal to be a bit apprehensive after a year of protecting everything we love so dearly.

I’m not going to lie, I get a lump in my throat when I scroll through and see pictures of large gatherings, people traveling and mask mandates being lifted. Everything we’ve risked and sacrificed is in the fate of spring breakers, anti-vaxers, and people who pack the stadium to watch baseball. People who in my opinion, still don’t get it.

Even with more people getting vaccinated, we must remain vigilant and still take precautions. The new variants are out there, and there isn’t a vaccine yet for the kiddos. We will still be wearing our masks and practicing social distancing, but our bubble will expand to those who are also vaccinated. Please remain safe, follow the CDC guidelines, use common sense and be patient just a little while longer.

‘Better days are coming’…

Suzy Burnett
Suzy is wife to an amazing husband, Ryan, and mother to two beautiful daughters, Lucille (4) and Alice (2), with a baby BOY on the way. She is an avid runner, foodie, travel enthusiast, book nerd and lover of life. She recently started a blog,, as a way to cope with her Crohn's disease, and to hopefully offer some support and inspiration to others who suffer from IBD. She's thrilled to collaborate with Madison Mom to shed light on motherhood while having a chronic condition.


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