La La Sew

2600 Monroe Street, Madison, WI, USA
2602 Monroe Street Madison Wisconsin 53711 US

At la la sew, we teach kids how to sew. Sewing is a traditional craft with modern appeal. Kids LOVE designing and making their own unique clothes, accessories, stuffed animals, gifts, and bedroom decor. Handmade is way cooler than what you can buy at a store, plus there’s the bragging rights!

Our classes are special because they are…

  • small – only 4-6 in a group;

  • fun – we laugh a lot;

  • productive – you’ll make a unique project in every class;

  • relaxed – perfection is over-rated.

Our classes promote…

  • creativity – everyone picks their own fabrics and embellishments;

  • problem solving – because sometimes things get tangled or backwards;

  • resourcefulness – making things from scraps is fun;

  • community – sometimes we make things for local charities;

  • recycling – we often use old wool sweaters or other secondhand materials;

  • happiness – making things feels good.

Contact us at [email protected] or visit for more information.

2600 Monroe Street, Madison, WI, USA
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