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214 North Hamilton Street, Madison, WI, USA
202 North Hamilton Street Madison Wisconsin 53703 US

Acupuncture for the whole family. Life can be hectic and its important to take care of ourselves and our family so that we can enjoy each day.

The beauty of acupuncture is the ability and necessity to treat the physical, mental and emotional side of each condition.  Our physical health effects our mood and ability to focus just as stress can show up as pain.  That’s why its important to treat all aspects of conditions.

No matter your age, even as young as a few weeks old or your comfort level with needles, we have techniques to help bring you back into balance. Kids are treated with  shonishin, Japanese pediatric acupuncture, using special tools to brush and tap the skin. That also means, no need to sit still!  Kids can be reading a book, nursing on mom’s lap or playing on the ground during their treatment. Or drop in for a monthly wellness treatment for your little kids.

So if you or your anyone in your family, could do with a bit of improvement in their physical, mental or emotional health, please consider acupuncture with us.

214 North Hamilton Street, Madison, WI, USA
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