Wingra School

718 Gilmore Street, Madison, WI, USA
718 Gilmore Street Madison Wisconsin 53711 US

Wingra School is a small, independent day school providing a progressive education for children ages 5-14, located on Monroe Street across from the U.W. Madison Arboretum.

At Wingra, we believe children are natural learners and that it is our job as educators to create engaging and healthy programs based on their developmental and individual needs and interests. Some features of our program include: ample time for laughter, play, the arts, quiet time and snack; high levels of student involvement, engagement and leadership; hands-on science and math activities; and integrated thematic units of study.

The word “Wingra” means “duck” in Ho-Chunk. As ducks, our students are organized into four, multi-age levels, Nest (ages 5-7), Pond (ages 7-9), Lake (ages 9-11) and Sky (ages 11-14). Each level consists of two classrooms with staffing at about a 12:1 ratio.

718 Gilmore Street, Madison, WI, USA
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