New Year, New You: Nope!!!

I genuinely get excited for the New Year. It feels a bit like a birthday for me. There’s both a sense of relief that I made it through another year with no major health issues or illness, as well as a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I have thrived and grown as an individual. I enjoy reflecting on all of the positive things that have happened in the past year, making peace with the negative aspects and moving on into a new, fresh year.

Here’s what I don’t like about the New Year: the hype and the pressure to change EVERYTHING. New Year, New You! New Year, New Body! New Year, New Workout Routine, New Diet, New Wardrobe, New Ways to Organize Your Entire House, New Skincare Routine, New Yoga Classes, New Daily Meditations, New Step-By-Step-Guides on How to Overhaul Your Life and Completely Start Over from Scratch Because You’re Doing it All Wrong.

Okay. I miiight be exaggerating. But, am I? Being a woman in 2020 comes with so much pressure. There is pressure to BE everything, all the time and to be really, really good at it. And then, BAM! The New Year rolls around just when you think you’re doing a semi-good job at life, you are bombarded with the “New Year, New You” headlines, tag lines and hash tags.

And I admit it, I’ve fallen for it, for many years. I’ve started diets and exercise plans because I thought I was too fat, I’ve cleaned out closets and gotten rid of half my wardrobe and cut off my hair, only to completely regret it. But, this year, I’m making one, simple resolution.

My resolution is to be kind to myself. I’m going to go easier on myself when the “to-do” list doesn’t get done in one day. I’m going to take a break when I feel overwhelmed, instead of running around in circles, exhausted. I’m going to exercise because I enjoy it, not because of my weight. I’m going to ask for help when I need it, especially from capable, energetic babysitters. I’m going to block off more time for myself, to do things I enjoy (reading, hot yoga, dates with my husband). I’m going to slow down and play with my kids, when we are all craving attention and connection. I’m going to grocery shop less, because I really, truly hate it.

I’m absolutely not going to try to start over and transform into a “New Me” in 2020. I’m not going to overhaul my routines and schedule to become a “new” person. I’ve worked tirelessly on this version of myself for my entire life and I’m getting comfortable with who she is. Sure, she gets overly-stressed, is too hard on herself and is a hot mess in the kitchen, but overall, she’s pretty cool and is one heck of a mom.

Happy 2020 to all the Mommas and Dadas that need a little kindness from themselves this year. You deserve it.

Tricia Connors has been married to Colin Connors for 6 years. They have two children together, Declan (5) and Maeve (4). They have lived together in the Madison area for about 8 years, although Tricia is an IL native and is still in the habit of calling it "home." She has been a stay-at-home mama since her first child was born, which has been a bumpy, but rewarding and humbling experience. When she is not with her children, talking about her children, or making plans for her children, Tricia likes to relax with friends and family, go to a very occasional yoga class, or go see a favorite band with her husband at one of Madison's great music venue's.


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