Pandemic Gadgets

“I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty. I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore. You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty. But who cares, no big deal. I want more. I want to be where the people are…” –Jodi Benson, The Little Mermaid

Guessing that it may have been hard to read that and not sing, yes? But in all seriousness, it has been hard. An entire year of loss for everyone. It’s easy to say that you should be able to manage if your life has somewhat remained intact but grief is still grief even if the intensity is less than an earth shattering loss. We still lost our normal and it’s ok to acknowledge it. It’s ok to grieve, cope, and heal. But how have some of us actually done this?

Retail therapy? Does it solve anything? It might even make things worse as your bank account is lower and your house is full. Marie Kondo’s famous words, “Does this item bring you joy?”, most likely did not flash in your head before making your latest pandemic purchase. Maybe it should be called impulse purchase therapy?

The slippery slope of online purchases could have resulted in some interesting and unforeseen items or adoptions over the last year. My hand is raised. Maybe it was time or space that drove the purchase and not retail therapy? But the real question is, do you still want it? Does it make you happy? Will you still use it when your time is eventually taken up again by in person socializing, work commitments, endless kid activities, house demands, pets, and dare I say it, travel?

Surveys abound with stats revealing a huge uptick in online purchases from food to clothes to entertainment. It’s also reflected in stock changes. If a retail company has an online presence, most likely their stocks went up. So who’s willing to admit it? Who will shamelessly reveal their new items that may or may not grow a smile year after year? 

A meat slicer. Yep. We’re running a full service deli over here. It also doubles as a bread slicer if you’re into buying artisan loaves or making your own. It’s loud and makes the dog bark but it’s worth adding to the constant baseline noise that exists in our house. 

Athleisure. Will there ever be a need for pants with buttons again? I don’t think so. Dancing along the line of style and function brings me happiness. I’ll admit it. Elastic and blended fabrics are where it’s at!

Peloton. I did not take the plunge but the number of friends who have far exceeds the count on my fingers and toes. Are they collecting dust yet? Only post-pandemic life will tell. (Is it too early to pose this question?)

Puppies. Kittens. Home remodels. Organization- boxes, bags, and doodads. Workout apps. Outdoor gear- bikes, skis, and hiking boots. New hobbies and all the stuff  that goes along with it. Starting or ending a business. All of this equals more thingamajigs.

I’m glad I can agree with my 6 year old self, who would have loved to be Ariel in The Little Mermaid, I do want “to be where the people are”. I predict that some pandemic gadgets might be left behind.

Lyndsey was born and raised in New Orleans which instilled a deep passion for architecture, history, and FOOD. She and her husband James are proud graduates of UW-Madison. Go Badgers! They live in the Madison area with their 3 active children. Lyndsey is a freelance writer and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. When not working, she can be found running her kids around to swimming, ballet, basketball, and skiing. They all love new adventures, travel, cooking, being outdoors, reading, biking, and trying to keep up with their new puppy.


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