Originally from Portland, Oregon, Katie relocated to Madison with her husband, Ross five years ago. They have five daughters together: Claire (7), Aoife (5), Tiegan (4), Emma (18 months) and Juliet (3 months). She survives the chaos with Diet Coke and trips to the gym by herself. Katie enjoys music, weight lifting, and building fun things for her kids out of PVC pipe. Zelda, the family dog, is her other true love. Katie worked as a stylist here in Madison until her fifth daughter came along and then decided to be a full time mom.

A Letter to my Daughter’s NICU Nurse–Six Years Later

You probably don't even remember me. I'm sure I'm just one of the thousands of anxious moms you helped over the years. But six years ago, you took care of my baby, who came...

I Had an Awkward Conversation With my Kid, And Lived to Tell the Tale

Granted, I haven't had THE talk with any of my kids yet, but I probably should. The first "talk" I had with my oldest daughter was a smashing success. She was three or four...

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just for Lovers

It's already February! February means Valentine's Day. I'm all about chocolate, flowers, and date nights sans children. In fact, I'm just wrapping up a long trip to South America with my husband and we...