Best Sledding Hills in Madison, WI for Kids

Aldo Leopold Park | 2906 Traceway Dr – Madison

This 11-acre park located south of the beltline, between Fish Hatchery Road and Seminole Hwy. features a reservable picnic shelter, ball field, full court basketball, a playground and in the winter season a hill perfect for sledding

Arbor Hills Park | 3109 Pelham Road – Madison

Just south of the beltline, Arbor Hills Park offers a nice retreat for neighborhood families complete with a shelter, open field, playground, and sledding hill.

Berkley Park | 1730 Browning Road

On the far north side, this park has all your essential amenities like a playground, swings, and basketball courts. But there is the added bonus of a wide hill that makes for fun winter time activities like sledding!

Bradley Park | 1127 Amherst Drive

Bradley Park is located in Shorewood Hills and is an area used primarily as a skiing and sledding hill.

Chicory Meadow Park

This park is located in a beautiful wooded setting, off of the Capital City Trail.

Elver Park | 1250 McKenna Boulevard – Madison

Elver Park is known for having the biggest hill available for sledding in the area. During the winter, the staffed shelter provides a place to warm up and rentals for snowshoeing, ice skating, sledding, and cross-country skiing (permit required) and lighting for evening recreation during the open season. This park is also complete with a warming house that features hot cocoa and concessions.

Garner Park | 333 S Rosa Road – Madison

Garner Park is an interesting blend of physical and social landscape. The greater part of its forty-two acres rises along a knoll to an overlook, where the award-winning Garner Shelter has been built.

Gasner Memorial Park | 800 Scott St – Oregon

Located in Oregon, Gasner Memorial Park has basketball courts, a picnic area, playground and a great hill for sledding!

Tollefson Park | Gatsy Glen Dr – Verona

Tollefson Park is located in the Hawthorn Hills subdivision at Gatsby Glen Drive and Whalen Road in Verona. It provides recreational space for the Glacier Edge Elementary School, as well as a sledding hill.

Grundahl Park | 600 S Blue Mounds St – Mt Horeb

Grundahl Park offers a more thrilling sledding experience. Located in southwest Mt Horeb, the park also features a lit ball diamond, playground equipment, basketball court, sledding hill and a community stage that supports a summer concert series.

Hiestand Park | 4302 Milwaukee Street

This large park is adjacent to Hiestand Woods Conservation Park and offers a number of recreational amenities. The park features a disc golf course open spring through fall, a reservable athletic field, a reservable picnic shelter with solar lights and a bike path connecting the park to the nearby neighborhood.

Huegel Jamestown Park | 5810 Williamsburg Way – Fitchburg

Located in Fitchburg – Huegel Jamestown Park features play equipment, two tennis courts, full basketball court, softball diamond, soccer field, volleyball area, sledding hill, paved path, and landscaping.

Indian Lake Park | 8183 WI-19 – Cross Plains

Indian Lake County Park (500+ acres) is one of Dane County’s largest parks. The main entrance is located on STH 19 about two miles west of US 12. A winding trail leads to a historic chapel built in 1857, perched on a hilltop with breathtaking views and a great sledding hill for winter.

Nakoma Park | 3801 Cherokee Drive – Madison

Nakoma Park offers sledding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and ice skating.

Olbrich Park | 3527 Atwood Avenue – Madison

Located on Madison’s East side along the shore of Lake Monona and adjacent to Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Olbrich Park is one of Madison’s largest lakefront parks. There are spacious hill areas for sledding and it also offers a beautiful view!

Orlando Bell Park – Madison

This 13-acre park located between Hwy. 51 and I-39/90 on Madison’s east side features a reservable picnic shelter, full court basketball, horseshoe courts, ball field, open field and in the winter season a hill perfect for sledding.

Sycamore Park | 830 Jana Lane – Madison

Sycamore Park located on Madison’s east side features a large off-leash dog exercise area, soccer fields, and playground equipment.

Warner Park | 2930 N Sherman Avenue – Madison

The most popular activity at this park is sledding. But they also offer ice skating, snowshoeing, and a rec center.

***It’s highly recommended to wear a ski helmets or even a bike helmet while sledding on bigger hills. The Kohl Safety Center in American Family Children’s Hospital usually sells helmets at cost.

Cook it Forward | Madison, WI

(Madison, WI): With unemployment persisting as the pandemic rages onward, and a growing number of individuals and families experiencing food insecurity, a local Madison campaign founded in June by Downtown Madison restaurateurs called ‘Cook It Forward’ continues to cook and distribute free individually-packaged healthy, fresh meals.

And this Thanksgiving –“Cook It Forward” is aiming to donate 2,500 meals to local families who are food insecure in Madison, especially communities of color disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Donated dollars are paid to participating restaurants, nonprofit partners, and last mile service responders thereby uplifting the entire the food system.

The campaign uses donated money to pay restaurants $10 per meal so restaurants can pay workers, rent and suppliers. The campaign also gives money for local drop-off sites and distribution partners.

Cook It Forward is a collaboration between local restaurants and local nonprofits to create an end-to-end distribution network to tackle food insecurity in Madison, WI. They partner with Madison restaurants to produce healthy, fresh meals for families, seniors, and people with disabilities experiencing food insecurity. The meals are safely created, individually packaged, and delivered to local food banks, pantries, and other sites, serving as an intermediary. Last-mile distribution partners will ensure that the growing number of individuals and families who need the food, and without recourse to access it, receive it.

You can donate to Cook it Forward here. 

Where to Buy Hot Cocoa Bombs | In + Around Madison, WI

Have you heard of cocoa bombs? Basically they are a hollow chocolate ball filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa mix (in a variety of flavors). The treat turns any mug of hot milk (or hot water) into a steaming mug of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, in a matter of seconds.

Photo from Sweetzo

Since publishing – several have notified us that they are actually sold out. Let us know if there are any additional we should add to our list. These are a hot commodity!

The Cupcake Lady: She creates gourmet sensations – from cupcakes to cocoa bombs! Email [email protected] to order.

Oregon Frozen Yogurt: They offer 18 flavors of frozen yogurts, custards, gelatos, Italian ices, and sorbets… AND Cocoa Bombs! Email [email protected]

The Chocolate Caper: Located in Oregon, WI they specialize in Swiss praline and truffles, caramels, turtles & a variety of innovative and traditional sweet treats.

Sweetzo: Based in Mt. Horeb, Sweetzo offers desserts and treats for all occasions!

Miss Ella’s Cake Bar: They make custom cakes and cookies – based in Madison, WI

Purple Plum Bakeshop: The Purple Plum Bakeshop makes beautiful and delicious desserts for any occasion – based in Mt. Horeb.

If the above options are sold out or unable to fulfill your order — we’ve heard you can also find them at Costco or Target. Etsy also has them available to order online from small businesses – we are also huge fans of Vanilla Beans and Daydreams (she is an Iowa City mom who we have met a number of times). But we encourage you to support ‘local’ first if you are able!

Or if you want to try your hand at making them yourself – here is a how-to!

Did we miss a place? Let us know and we will add them… because cocoa bombs truly are the most bomb thing to happen in 2020. See what we did there??

Madison, WI Nonprofits | Holiday Edition #givingtuesday

The holidays are here! It’s a time to reflect on the year and give back to those in need. This year adds a new level of concern globally as nearly everyone has been affected by COVID-19. Communities will survive by partnering together and supporting each other.

On this #givingtuesday consider a local donation, whether it be time or money, to keep our community strong. Here is a list of nonprofits supporting children, animals, local lakes, restaurants/small businesses, those experiencing food insecurity or homelessness, and holiday gift programs for children. 

Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Dane County: providing mentors to children since 1966.

Clean Lakes Alliance: protects and improves our local waterways.

Cook It Forward: a new nonprofit connecting local restaurants to supply meals to other nonprofits that distribute food.

Dane Buy Local: a group that supports local businesses.

Dane County Humane Society: a 100% adoption guarantee shelter since 2012.

Goodman Community Center: a near east side community center providing support, classes, and food to children and families. 

Just Bakery: a nonprofit providing a 12 week vocational program to those experiencing significant barriers to employment. 

Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund: a nonprofit supporting local families heating and cooling bills.

Madison Reading Project: a nonprofit giving books to local children in need.

Middleton Outreach Ministry: a nonprofit supplying clothing and food to families experiencing need.

Porchlight, Inc: a local nonprofit providing housing and crucial social services to the homeless.

REAP Food Group: a group supplying food to those experiencing insecurity. They also support food to schools and businesses under normal circumstances.

Reach Dane: a local group supporting education of children and social services for families in need.

Ronald McDonald House: provides support and services to children and families during illness.

Second Harvest Foodbank of Southern Wisconsin: provides food to those experiencing hunger. Many programs educate families and children on healthy eating, teach cooking and support those with diabetes.

Toys for Tots: supplying toys during the holidays to local children who may otherwise go without.

United Way of Dane County: a nonprofit providing support services for the community.

YMCA of Dane County: provides fitness classes, food and programs for families and children with financial assistance when needed.

Don’t forget about your favorite local business, restaurant, library or school. Everyone could use a little extra support this year. Many schools are assisting their students with personal hygiene and food needs during virtual learning. Cheers to helping local groups and strengthening our community during the pandemic!


Madison, WI Area Holiday Gift Guide | Shop Local

This year, as you’re making your list and checking it twice, we want to encourage you to THINK LOCAL.

We’re thrilled to bring you our 5th annual holiday gift guide, featuring gift items and experiences from some of our favorite local businesses.

Our guide is packed full of mom-approved, curated gift ideas to provide you with ideas for everyone on your list. Don’t forget to check for special discounts – many are offering promotions JUST for Madison Mom readers.

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5 Easy Ways to Introduce Gratitude to Kids (No Supplies Needed)


With Thanksgiving coming up I think it’s a great opportunity to remind ourselves, and our kids, of how important Gratitude is in our everyday lives. I often run across other parents who have a hard time making gratitude a daily practice. So here are some practical ways to add them into your life. While I appreciate the parents that love to get crafty at any moment, these tips require no supplies, creativity, or skills. Anyone can do this.

My suggestion is to add a “gratitude share” with your kids to something you already do every day. Anything you wish to make a habit has to have consistency and something you do frequently, and adding it into something you already do daily, is an easy way to introduce gratitude to your child. While doing this daily activity, ask your child to share one thing they are grateful for.

Brushing Your Teeth

Either in the morning or the nighttime, while your child is brushing their teeth (or while you are brushing their teeth) ask for one thing they are grateful for in between tooth brush rinses.

At the Dinner Table

Before you begin eating, ask everyone around the table to share a gratitude from their day.

At Bedtime

After stories, and any other rituals you do with bedtime, ask your child to share one thing they are grateful for.

In the Car

Many of us just crank up the music or the movie in the car and miss an opportunity to connect with our children. How about asking for one thing they are grateful for while you’re driving? It takes very little time and you can return to your music or movie after you discuss your gratitudes.

On a Walk

If you get out as a family or even with just your kids, while you are walking it’s a great opportunity to ask your kids to share something they are grateful for. Often times we can use this as an opportunity to have them notice how much nature provides for them, and helps them develop an awareness for gratitude in everyday, free, things.

My point: Gratitude practice doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. It doesn’t need to involve you crafting up something, and it doesn’t need to be something that adds to your day. Rather, it can easily be weaved into your day. You can start with sharing one thing with each other and work your way up to 3-5 things as you get the hang of it.

4 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Meal Go Smoothly (with picky eaters) | Kara Hoerr Nutrition

This Thanksgiving is probably looking a little different than anything we’re used to. Instead of large family gatherings, many of us are staying close to home with just our immediate families. For my family, we’ve had to change our plans and then change our plans again. It’s just an all-around different year! 

However you’re celebrating, your kids still may not be that excited about what you’re serving for the meal (some things never change!). If you’re like my family, you still may be choosing to have some of the familiar, traditional Thanksgiving foods we know and love (we have to have some kind of normalcy and comfort right now, right?!) and those foods may not be high on your kiddo’s list of favorite foods.

Here are four ways to make the Thanksgiving meal go smoothly, no matter what it looks like:

  • Put yourself in your child’s shoes. That food looks weird and isn’t familiar! Many of our traditional Thanksgiving foods are only eaten once a year. That doesn’t give your kids a lot of previous exposures to be familiar with these foods. Remember what it feels like when you travel someplace new and see new-to-you foods for the very first time? It can be a little overwhelming! We often have no idea how to go about eating it or are a little hesitant to give it a try. That’s how kids feel, too—they’re not quite sure what to do with it. Rather than forcing them to try a bite or making them eat a certain amount—which can lead to them refusing it even more the next time they see it—you can relate it to something that you know they love. For example, you can tell them the turkey is similar to the chicken they really like. Either way, be encouraged that this is one additional exposure they didn’t have before. 
  • Have a safe food at the table. A safe food is something at the table that you know your child will eat if he’s truly hungry. Even if your child decides not to eat anything else, at least you know there is something at the table he will eat so he isn’t hungry ten minutes after the meal is over. This could be as simple as bread and butter or some fruit. It doesn’t mean catering the meal to your child or serving something different just for the picky eater. The safe food should be something that’s offered to the entire table, not just put on your child’s plate.
  • Don’t worry if your kid only eats the rolls. Even if you know that your child has the rolls or fruit to fill up on, it’s hard not to be frustrated or worried that your child didn’t touch anything else on his plate. Rather than looking at each meal individually, look at what your child has been eating for the entire week. Even though that particular meal looked heavy on the carbohydrates, your child will naturally balance out what he eats at other meals and snacks during the day and week. The key (and hardest part) is to trust your child’s body to know what it needs!
  • Start with small servings. It’s easy for us to fill up our plates with large servings at Thanksgiving, but kids can find large portions overwhelming. Also, kids don’t need nearly as much food as we think. A good rule of thumb for a serving size is 1 tablespoon per year of age. So, a 2-year-old would do well with 2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes to start. Of course, he may eat more or less than this, and either is okay! Even better, let your child serve himself by serving food family style. This allows your child to determine how much he needs, helps him gain independence, and he’ll feel more in control of what he chooses to eat. It’s another step in raising an adventurous eater!

Kara Hoerr is a registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in family and childhood nutrition. She’s originally from Iowa, but has called Madison home for the past 8 years. When she’s not helping families and individuals end mealtime battles or quit diets for good, she’s usually baking or cooking in her kitchen (she started making sourdough before it was the cool thing to do pre-Covid!), running or biking on the Madison trails, or relaxing with a good book. She never expected to start her own business, but here she is with Kara Hoerr Nutrition. She offers nutrition coaching and online courses to help moms (and dads!) out at the dinner table. To learn more or to set up a free discovery call, email Kara at [email protected], or find her on Instagram.

Free Video Chat with Santa in 2020 | The DreamBank in Madison, WI

(Madison, WI): The DreamBank has partnered with www.Talktosanta.com to provide FREE virtual calls with Santa this holiday season.  Parents can send Santa information about their child to have the call be as personalized as possible.

Pictures with Santa is a beloved and longstanding DreamBank tradition, and this year is no exception — they’re bringing the magic to you virtually! Get your family in the holiday spirit with a personalized video call from Santa! This unforgettable experience will include a special 10-minute visit with Santa, where you and the kids will be able to chat, snap some photos and soak in all the holiday cheer! A recording of the visit will be sent to you afterward so you can relive the magic and share your video call with loved ones.

As always, this event is free for you and your family, and now, your call can keep the magic moving during the season of giving. Your participation supports the Marine’s Toys for Tots Foundation when you sign up to video chat with Santa.

To reserve your spot, sign up through the Eventbrite page, then they’ll send you a code to reserve your time slot on TalktoSanta.com. Codes are good through December 10.

Sign up here

We Love our Elf on the Shelf | 40 Creative (but easy) Ideas for Your Elf


The Elf on the Shelf — parents either love ’em or hate ’em. I happen to love him! Last year was the first year that we welcomed an elf (lovingly named ‘Madison’) to our abode and the lil guy brought so much joy to my kids.

To help you out, I made a list of some of the things we did + some ‘easy’ ideas. I would love to hear some of your ideas as well!

If you don’t have an elf yet – there is still time. You can get one here; or if you want just the elf and not the book – this is a good option!

Insider tip: Plan ahead, I literally planned for all 25 days at once so that I never had to feel overwhelmed the night before. It didn’t take long to do so and made it super easy!

Insider tip 2: Commonly used props to have on hand – sharpie marker; marshmallows; chocolate chips; Hershey Kisses; skittles; m&m’s; TP; string or yarn.

Special thanks to my friends who sent me photos of their elves to help me out! This year I will be better about taking pics of our little friend!

40 Creative Ideas for the Elf

‘Did You Miss Me?’ (spelled out with M&M’s)

Easy enough – situate your elf on the counter and spell out DID YOU MISS ME? with M&M’s (or Hershey Kisses or skittles or whatever candy you have).

Make a Rainbow with Skittles

My absolute FAVORITE (and this one made me feel crafty, even though I’m not!). Get out a plate, line the perimeter with skittles. Leave a note, telling the kids to ‘make a rainbow’ — simply pour some warm water in the middle of the plate and watch the magic happen!

Making S’mores

Put some marshmallows on a wire or fork and put the elf by a candle… leave out some graham crackers and Hershey bars…

Getting into the Rice Krispies

When the Rice Krispies  are just about gone, have your elf pop through the box — and pour the remaining Rice Krispies into a bowl with chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Is This How You Do the Floss?

Wrap him with some floss and leave a note asking ‘Is this how you do the floss??’

Taco Tuesday

On Taco Tuesday, cut a hole in a tortilla (for your elf’s face) and wrap your elf up like a burrito! Leave a note saying ‘It’s Taco Tuesday!’

Fishing for Goldfish

Turn a candy cane or straw into a fishing pole (with a little string) and put goldfish in the sink (or a bowl) and see if he can catch any fish!

Cheesehead Elf

With some paper – make a cheesehead and a GB Packers sign (attach to a straw and put in the elf’s hands).

TP the Christmas Tree

Grab some TP and wrap it around the Christmas tree!

Exercising Elf

Grab a water bottle and a stuffie and have your elf do some stretches — for extra fun, print off a sheet that says ‘Holiday Elf-ercise.’

Taking a Bubble Bath

Fill a bowl (or sink) with marshmallows and have the elf hop in!

Paper Airplane Landing in Tree

Make a paper airplane and put the elf on it – have it land on the tree and write ‘oops’ on the airplane!

Outer Space Elf-stronaut

Wrap him in aluminum foil and hang him from a light or ceiling fan. For extra fun, hang a couple stars or moon.

Peek A Boo

Grab 3 rolls of TP – stack 2 of them and put the elf in the tube; write PEEK A BOO and then put the 3rd roll over his hat, so only his face is peeking out.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Grab 3 rolls of TP and stack them… cut some paper to make snowman eyes and a nose and put the elf on top. Add a note that says: “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

Sick Day

Grab a thermometer and some tissues and lay him down to rest!

Snowman Nose Rejection Center

Grab a carrot and use a cheese grater to shred the carrot. On a piece of paper write ‘Snowman Nose Rejection Center’.

I See London I See France

Tie some underwear to a light and put the elf in the undies and leave a note that says: I see London, I see France… I’m flying in your underpants!

Spa Day Elf

Make little cucumbers out of paper and tape them to his/her eyes; make a sign that says Quiet please! Spa treatment in session… and put marshmallows in a little bowl for the elf to soak his feet.

Use Legos to Tie Him up!

Grab some legos and string and lay him on a lego board – grab some legos action figures to get in on the action.

Zip Line through the Living Room

Tie a string from your light to the wall (or a place where you can tie a know/hook).

Stuck in an Upside Down Glass

Flip a glass upside down and put it over the elf. Write HELP on a piece of tape on the glass!

Sprinkle Angel

Instead of a snow angel, have the elf make a ‘sprinkle angel’ – do it in a pan to reduce mess!

Build Snowflakes out of Q-Tips

Get out a bunch of q-tips and create designs that look like snowflakes.

Tic Tac Toe

Put X’s and O’s on marshmallows (with sharpie) and draw the tic tac toe game board on a sheet of paper!

Santa Says ‘Hi’

Have Santa say hello — spell. it out with skittles or M&Ms.

Playing Candyland

Set up the Candyland game (or any other board game) and have the elf play a game. For extra fun, include Barbie or Action Figures or LOLs… whatever you have!

Replace the Stockings with Kids Undies

This one always makes my kids laugh! Remove the stockings and in place, hang up some of their underwear.

Google Eyes on the Fruit

Get some google eyes and put them on all the fruit! For extra fun, leave a note from the elf that says ‘I’ve Got My Eyes On You!!!’

Playing with a Deck of Cards with Barbie

Get out the cards and set up a card game. Add in Barbie or friends for added fun!

Spell Something Out with Marshmallows

Spell out ‘BE GOOD’ or ‘I LOVE YOU’ or ‘HI’ with marshmallows.

Draw Some Faces on the Eggs

Draw some faces on the eggs with sharpie!

Make Some Elf Milk

Have your elf write on the carton of milk (ELF MILK) and then pour some in a glass and put in some green food coloring!

Find (#) Candy Canes

This is one of my favorites! Buy a small box of candy canes and hide them in your home. Then have the elf sitting in the empty box with a note telling the kids to find (#) candy canes!

The Floor is Lava

Tape the elf to the wall (or adhere him somehow) and put a paper below that says ‘The Floor is Lava’, add a volcano to the pic for extra fun.

Drawing on Bananas

Grab a sharpie and draw some faces on those bananas!

Riding an Apple Caterpillar

Put 4-5 apples in a line, use a sharpie to make eyes and tooth picks (or pipe cleaners) for antennas. Have the elf hop on top!

Spell Something with Toothpaste

I don’t love this one (not a fan of messes) but if you don’t mind cleaning up — give the elf some toothpaste and have him write a message in the sink!

Snack on some Mini Sugar Cookies

Pick up some mini sugar cookies at the store (Lofthouse brand always has yummy and cute minis) and put them in a bowl next to the elf!

Make a Grocery List

Have the elf make a grocery list… ‘Hershey Kisses, candy canes, marshmallows, milk, cookies…’

Zoo Lights at Henry Vilas Zoo | November 27 – December 27, 2020

(Madison, WI): The Zoo Lights are returning to Henry Vilas Zoo in 2020. Get ready for one of Madison’s most unique holiday traditions and this is slated to be the best Zoo Lights ever! The all-new Zoo Lights experience will be brighter than ever before with brand new animal light displays.

Guests will be able to safely enjoy Zoo Lights along a one-way path throughout the Zoo.

Time + Dates

Zoo Lights is open from 5:30pm – 8:30pm Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between November 27 – December 27.

It takes approximately one hour to walk through the whole Zoo and see all the lights.

$10 per person | Children 3 and under are FREE ($35 for a Group 4-pack)

Covid Precautions

  • In addition to enhanced cleaning protocols throughout the Zoo, all staff working at Zoo Lights will be given temperature checks at the beginning of their shift.
  • Every individual (5 years of age or older) must wear a face covering/mask over their nose and mouth while inside the Zoo unless you are eating or drinking or have an excused medical condition.
  • Please do not come to the Zoo if you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or if you have been in contact with a person who is COVID-19 positive.
  • Due to COVID-19 safety precautions there will be no Santa Claus visits or carousel rides during Zoo Lights this year.

Christmas Tree Farm Guide | Greater Madison Area

Are you looking for the best Christmas Tree Farm for your family this holiday season? We’ve scoured reviews and websites, taken personal accounts, and compiled a list in one handy location so that you can find the perfect Christmas Tree Farm this winter!

We are so thankful to Enchanted Valley Acres for sponsoring this year’s Tree Farm Guide. Enchanted Valley is one of our very favorite family-friendly places, and we are thrilled they have expanded their offerings to include pre-cut and cut-your-own trees! Located in Cross Plains and well known for their gigantic hillside slide, Enchanted Valley is the perfect destination for fall and winter fun! Gather your crew and take a trip to their picturesque farm, and don’t forget to take advantage of FREE apple cider or hot cocoa after your purchase your tree!

(If you know of any changes or have more recommendations- please let us know in the comments below!)

Enchanted Valley Acres is a Christmas Tree farm like no other with its picturesque setting and large red barn nestled in the valley just north of Cross Plains.

5047 Enchanted Valley Road – Cross Plains

You can either walk into the field to cut your own tree or take a unique wagon ride to the top of the hillside with breath-taking views to cut down your own tree. We offer a large selection of freshly pre-cut trees as well.

Real Christmas trees are eco-friendly. They offer Fraser, Balsam, Canaan Firs and White Pine (long needle), as well as wreaths, garland and swag.

They provide the handsaws, carts or tarps for transporting the tree; free baling and shaking of the tree and they can even help secure the tree to your car if desired.

Don’t forget your free hot apple cider or cocoa drinks with purchase of your beautiful Christmas Tree. You can also purchase warm donuts!

Dog friendly (on a leash) and no admission charge for the available activities when purchasing a tree.

2020 Hours and Pricing:

Dates: Daily from November 23-December 24th (Closed Thanksgiving Day)
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm Daily
Pricing: $70 for any cut-your-own | Precut Trees are individually priced

  • Wreaths, garland and swag starting at $19.99 and up
  • No Admission fee

5895 River Road – Waunakee, WI

  • Cut-your-own AND Pre-cut trees
  • Complimentary hot apple cider and candy canes
  • Reindeer and Santa Claus on the weekend

2631 Co Hwy J – Verona, WI 

  • Cut-your-own trees
  • Sled and saw are provided!

5047 Enchanted Valley Road – Cross Plains

  • Cut-your-own AND Pre-cut trees
  • Dog friendly
  • Tractor drawn wagon rides
  • Activities + warm donuts & hot drinks

5029 W Clayton Road – Fitchburg

  • Santa visits
  • Pre-cut trees

848 Tipperary Road – Oregon

  • Saws provided
  • Cut-your-own AND Pre-cut trees
  • Kid’s play area/jungle gym, gift shop with ornaments, decor, hot apple cider and other treats available for purchase, Santa and Mrs. Claus on the weekends

7505 Valley View Road – Verona

  • Cut-your-own AND Pre-cut trees
  • Complimentary Cookies and Hot Cocoa, little gift shop with crafts for sale

759 Primrose Center Road – Belleville

  • Cut-your-own AND Pre-cut trees
  • Smaller area (less crowded!)

6445 Sun Valley Parkway – Belleville

  • Cut-your-own trees
  • Environmentally thoughtful

4610 Rocky Dell Road – Middleton

  • Cut-your-own AND Pre-cut trees
  • Wide selection and gift shop with food and warm drinks
  • Dog Friendly

1497 Oak Opening Drive – Stoughton

  • Cut-your-own and Pre-cut trees
  • Saw and Sled included

6000 Sun Valley Pkwy – Oregon

  • Cut-your-own AND Pre-cut trees
  • Complimentary candy canes

A Hilldale Holiday Experience to Benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County

(Madison, WI): Coming up on Sunday, November 22, 2020 Hilldale is offering a private ‘Holiday Experience’ to benefit local nonprofit – the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. They’ve put together special packages for families/groups (up to 7 people) to enjoy a private Hilldale Holiday Experience!

The packages will be auctioned off online and will be open until Friday (11/20/2020) at 6pm. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. Bidding will start at $75/package and there are 6 packages for different timeslots available.

Safety First

To keep our community safe – Hilldale made the decision to cancel the public portion of their previously scheduled Reindeer Games and created the Hilldale Holiday Experience packages instead! Please wear a mask and practice social distancing while visiting Hilldale this holiday season.

You can bid on a Holiday Experience slot here.

The experience package include:

  • A private timeslot to interact with the Reindeer and have professional pictures taken (photo backdrops will be set-up)
  • A tractor pulled hayride around Hilldale
  • Hot cocoa and coffee from Crescendo Espresso Bar
  • Holiday Gift Basket Including:
    • $100 Gift Card to a Hilldale restaurant of your choice
    • A dozen mini Gigi’s Cupcakes
    • Six movie tickets to AMC Madison 6
    • LL Bean blanket
    • A snow sled
    • A voucher for 2 Shake Shack burgers and 2 Shakes
    • Hilldale swag prize pack
    • And more!

If you aren’t the winner of one the experience packages, it is still a good day to come out and enjoy Hilldale as we kick off the Holiday season! Stroll Hilldale for exclusive offers, restaurant specials and one-day sale in the stores.

  • Enjoy a tractor pulled hayride around property (limited capacity).
  • Virtual Santa will be set up in the Macy’s Atrium
  • They will also be passing out surprises throughout the day, like hot cocoa, coffee, bartaco churros and swag bags!

Time Slots:

Time slots: 11:30am-12pm, 12pm-12:30pm, 12:30pm-1pm, 1pm-1:30pm, 1:30pm-2pm, 2pm-2:30pm, 2:30pm-3pm

You can have up to 30 minutes with the reindeer and for photography.

Boys and Girls Club of Dane County

Proceeds from the Auction will benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County. At Boys & Girls Club of Dane County,  their goal is to lead the way in youth development programs by working together with local businesses, foundations, and community programs to produce positive outcomes for nearly 7,750 young people and their families.

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