A Bucky Hunting We Will Go…

If you lived in the Madison area and have children, you more than likely got swept up in the Bucky hunting craze throughout the surrounding area. It was hard to avoid them, as they were all over the city and nearby neighborhoods. My children fell in love with them, and we fell into the crazy “gotta find them all” category. We didn’t do them all at once (props to you if you were one of those families) but we would do a few at a time. We always had to get a picture with them, and then one of my twins insisted that we do a “Bucky by himself” picture as well. We each had our favorites, and knew many of them by name. We would shout out to them while driving by, and we were very sad when they left at the end of the summer. (Only to find that some of them are still on display in certain locations!)

We spent a few weeks driving past the old locations with an “awe, mom. Remember that’s where (insert Bucky name) was?” My kids missed Bucky. So I decided to make a book of the photos as a way of remembering our summer adventures. Photo books are amazingly easy to create, there are multiple sites that can be used, and are a wonderful way to remember highlights from events. We have used them in the past for summer vacations, baby’s first year memories, and this year we decided to make one to honor our Bucky hunt. 

 It doesn’t really matter if you found them all or not, you can use however many pictures that you have. The easiest way to start is to put all your Bucky photos in one album. Most photo sites can pull from places like Google Photos, where you can create an album of your images pretty easily. I chose to do two Bucky’s per page, with a picture of us with the statue, and then of course the statue by himself (per my daughter’s request). I entered them in manually, but many of the photo sites will plug them into a book for you, so you really don’t have to do much work at all. I also chose to put the name of each Bucky by the photos, so we would remember the names, but you could opt to not take the time to do this step. Since we found them all, the longest part was making sure that I had included them all in the book. The book just came in the mail this week, and my girls were very excited to look through and reminisce about the different statues and our daily adventures.



  1. We actually did this and gave the books as gifts to some Bucky loving family members! It was perfect! They got pictures of their granddaughter/niece and all the Buckys too! We, of course kept one as well to remember our adventures! The books were a huge hit for Christmas this year!


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