Jackie was born in a suburb of Chicago and has lived in NYC, Maine and other states before meeting her husband who convinced her to visit and eventually move to Madison. As a "geriatric mother" who was told she could never have children due to past medical complications, her first pregnancy was uneventful, which led to two more healthy pregnancies despite all odds. While trying to balance working full-time and traveling for a large non-profit, she’s working on what to view as priority and what to let go when it comes to a healthy marriage and raising three kids. When she's not packing/unpacking suitcases and scheduling doctor appointments from airport terminals, she can be found de-compressing at the dog park with her golden retriever puppy or relaxing while trying a local brew with her husband. Her travel adventures can be found on twitter (@jackiethurnau) or on Instagram (jackieanderson5).

An Epic Family Adventure Visiting Wisconsin State Parks

For those of us who live in Wisconsin, we understand that for 5-6 months out of the year it’s cold, snowy and dreary and when you add three little people under the age of...

Earth Day Appreciation One Hike at a Time

Exposing children to nature is a great way to grow strong brains and bodies, but it's also a way to teach an appreciation for the outdoors and talk about ways to help protect the...

Calling All Control Freaks!

As a working mom who travels for work, I’m a 100% self-diagnosed control freak who has the house humming along in a certain way when I’m home. What happens when I’m gone though is...