I remember the moment I knew I had to find an alternative for my daughter’s schooling. She was hiding her face in her hands at the kitchen table, crying over her 4K homework. At just four years old, she was already anxious over schoolwork. 

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I was shocked at what was expected of such a young child. I realized that while public school may work for many kids, my child needed something different. What’s more, I wanted something different for her.

After touring multiple schools, I found Madison Waldorf School, one of thousands of Waldorf schools worldwide. Despite its beginning in 1919, I had never heard of Waldorf education before. But as soon as I stepped into the classrooms at MWS, I knew that this was something special, something magical. 

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually 

Waldorf focuses on so much more than academics. It seeks to nurture children as healthy human beings in all aspects– physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Waldorf values children for who they are now, not just for what they will accomplish as adults.

The result is an age-appropriate curriculum that not only kindles the child’s innate curiosity, but meets the child developmentally through nature, art, music, movement, and more. This education celebrates imagination, encourages creativity, and reveres the natural world. It preserves the wonder and joy of childhood while laying the foundation for heightened observation skills, advanced spatial intelligence, and healthy brain development. 

A Standout Among Private Schools in Madison | Preschool – 8th Grade

By daily engaging the child’s head, heart, and hands, Waldorf education cultivates students to have the intellectual creativity, emotional fortitude, and purposeful engagement to thrive in an ever-changing world. This makes Madison Waldorf School one of the best preschools in Madison, and a standout among private schools in Madison from preschool up to eighth grade.

As for my daughter? She’s a fifth grader now at Madison Waldorf School and insatiably curious. Her emotional intelligence and perceptive thinking astound me; her joy and love of nature is infectious. She is thriving– both grounded and reaching for the sky. I know we made the right choice for her. 

And if you are looking for something more for your child, perhaps Madison Waldorf School is the right choice for you, too. 

Learn More About Madison Waldorf School

Learn more about the intentionality behind Waldorf education and take a tour of Madison Waldorf School (preschool-8th grade) at or visit @Madisonwaldorfschool on Instagram.

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