Kathryn is a stay at home mom to her smart and spirited 5 year old daughter Kennedy, her new baby Croix, and three furry pets. After finishing grad school in NYC, Kathryn decided to embrace the cold and move to Madison. Despite plans to only live here for one year, she fell in love with her husband Joe and all the city has to offer. After a childhood of moving around internationally, she has enjoyed putting down roots in Madison but still loves to travel as much as possible. When not adventuring with her family, you can find Kathryn running around her neighborhood and local trails, writing with a strong cup of coffee, or making a mess baking in the kitchen with her kids.

The Day I Accepted Help: Learning I Am Not A Burden

It was the morning of my child’s four-month doctors appointment. I found myself irritable and overwhelmed by the smallest things, a sure tell sign for me that my anxiety was high and ever increasing....

Husband, I Still See You

It’s been a tough day here at home, mimicking most days where I haven’t had a minute of alone time and have spent hours meeting the endless demands of a 4-year old while in...

It Won’t Always Be Like This (But It Is Still Hard)

It won’t always be like this. The days and nights become one long run on sentence, and you're not sure if you even fell asleep since the last time you were awake. The rest...

To My First Baby Before My Second Baby Arrives

Good Morning My Sweet Baby, Yesterday we had one of those big emotion days that all 4 ½ year olds have, those days where we have things to do and places to be, but it...

Holding On With a High Needs Baby

I had an unrealistic idea of motherhood before I had my sweet girl 3 years ago. I envisioned quiet nights rocking her to sleep gently and laying her down in her picture perfect Pottery...

The Search for the Mom Village, and Why I Need One

I was standing in my neighbors backyard the day before Easter, watching all the kids from the street run around finding Easter eggs that us moms had stuffed together a few nights before. The...

When Breastfeeding Just Doesn’t Work

During a recent dinner conversation, my family and I were talking about my best friends new baby. As my 4-year old daughter Kennedy popped the last bite of salmon into her mouth, she asked...

Traditions Old and New: Our Family Christmas Calendar

Oh the holidays, one of the most special times of the year. It is a time filled with traditions and moments to celebrate. It's a time to focus on love when the news is...

Goodbye Sweet Girl: Grieving My Pet in Parenthood

Early one Tuesday morning, not long ago, I stretched out my feet in search of the soft fur that was always close by to warm up my toes, finding nothing there but the ends...

Dear Daughter, I Will Believe You

Dear Daughter,  I need to write you to tell you that I am sorry for a lot of things. I know you’ve noticed that I’ve been distracted this week, that I’ve been checking my phone...

That Time I Cried In Front of My Daughter’s First Teacher

I remember sitting anxiously in a chair designed for a tiny human, jotting down notes about extra clothes and circle time activities. I looked around the room and admired the sensory table and the...

Parenting Imperfectly When You Are A Perfectionist

It was a Tuesday morning. The house was a mess and Kennedy and I needed to be somewhere 5 minutes ago. The cat had just thrown up in the corner at the exact second...