Kim grew up in Minnesota, but moved to Madison to attend the UW and fell in love with the city’s spirit and culture. She's married with three sweet kiddos - Mason, Joshua, and Leah. When she’s not racing monster trucks across furniture or pretending to be interested in video games, she’s working on freelance writing projects or teaching strength training classes through her small fitness business, Lioness Fitness. Kim's a food allergy mom, which means she can read a food label like nobody’s business. She's also a sucker for good wine, good sushi, a good book, and ANY beach.

How Exercise Makes Me a Better Mom

Let me be super clear about something up front: I don’t always like working out. I don’t wake up in the morning scrambling for my sports bra and thinking, “how far should I run today??”...

Can I Be Honest? Sometimes, I Get Jealous

Dear Stay-at-Home Mom, Can I be honest? Sometimes, I get jealous of you. Like, when I picture your mornings, minus the chaos of hustling kids out the door to daycare. I picture breakfasts eaten without staring...

The Homebound Mama: Trapped by the Nap

I’m a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and a baby. Recently, the baby hit a milestone I’d been dreading for months: the crossover from Will Sleep Anytime/Anywhere to Must Be In Crib at Nap Time OR...

The Lonely Life of a Food Allergy Mom

There’s one part of every kid birthday party I hate: the food part. It’s always pizza and cake, and usually my son doesn’t care that he can’t have any. He eats his meal before the...

When Your Toddler Won’t Talk

A year ago, my son was about to turn 2 and had never said the word "Mama." Or "Dada." Or "ball." Or "up." Mason was silent and stoic, and we were nervous. Our pediatrician frowned at the communication questionnaires I filled out and recommended speech therapy. I frantically...

Learning to Love Winter

For as a long as I can remember, I’ve been a committed Winter-Hater. I’ve complained and cursed my way through year after year of bitter cold temps, relentless grey skies, and unforgiving snowfalls. I’ve probably...

Allergy Friendly Holiday Menu Inspiration {Top 8 Free}

Two years ago, I found out that my then-six-month-old baby had at least ten serious food allergies, including dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and several fruits. He hadn’t even tried any of these foods, since...

Raising the Cautious Child

My 3-year-old son is extremely cautious. I’m not talking, like, hesitantly dipping his toes in the water before entering a wading pool cautious. I’m talking running in the opposite direction SCREAMING at the suggestion of...

The Time I Tried The Barre Code

Disclaimer :: This is a sponsored post. We only partner with local businesses we believe in, and as always, all opinions are our own! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out...

It Won’t Always Be Like This

“You got this, mama.” They were words from a stranger, delivered with a supportive smile while I was hauling my two screaming little boys out of the zoo park. I had one wriggling, red-faced kid...

HotelRED: A Staycation Story

Disclaimer: HotelRED provided a free dinner and night’s stay in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions are our own! A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a rare night off from...

Your Guide to Madison Splash Pads, Pools, and Beaches

The summer heat is on its way, and your kiddos are going to want to get WET! Madison offers several family-friendly spots for water play--in fact, as I was doing research for this post, I was surprised...