Meaghan Swanson

Meaghan Swanson

The Pandemic Made Me Do It

No one in our household has gotten sick with Covid-19, but in the past year I think I've come down with something else. Symptoms include: lax screen time rules... more takeout dinners than normal......

Side Parts and Skinny Jeans | A Note to Gen Z

Have you seen the internet memes about side parts and skinny jeans? If you haven't, I congratulate you on having avoided this insanity that has descended upon our social media feeds for the last...

What It’s Been Like to Move to Madison, WI… During a Pandemic

At my daughter’s dental appointment recently, I was making small talk with the hygienist, and she asked if we were new to the practice.   “Oh no, we’re new to the state. Moved here in August.” “Oh....