Mehgan recently moved back to Wisconsin and is taking advantage of all Madison has to offer! She graduated from UW-Madison in Family and Consumer Science Education and taught high school for five years before becoming a bridal store manager/wedding planner. Currently mom to her extremely active toddler Cora (March 2017), sweet baby Autumn (September 2018), and large Goldendoodle Benny (January 2010), Mehgan is relishing the opportunity to stay at home for the moment. Reading and blogging on her personal blog (www.PlanningForKeeps.com) takes up any spare moments she can steal during naptime. Mehgan can't wait for summer when camping, zoo outings, and trips to Door County will be on the agenda.
woman holding remote while sitting on a couch with popcorn in her lap

Binge-Worthy Series On Netflix to Lift Your Spirits (+ How to Have a Watch...

I have a feeling that a lot of us have been turning to Netflix these last few weeks of social distancing as a way to decompress and for a source of entertainment. Working from...
woman holding up shopping bags

How to Score Big at Children’s Consignment Sales

Springtime means it’s consignment sale season! As a person who hates to shop but loves to save money, consignment sales are where it’s at. The fact that I can buy everything my kids need...
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10 Indoor Things To Do With Toddlers In (and Around) Madison, WI

Is it just me or is winter lasting forever? Being a stay-at-home mom to two energic toddlers means we have to burn off a lot of wiggles every day. Unfortunately, I hate snow and...
Six red stockings hung from shelf

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

Even though I'm a grown adult I still get a Christmas stocking from my parents. I look forward to it every year because I know there will be wonderful goodies inside. As a parent...
Mom sitting on sidewalk with baby

7 Bad Habits of Stay-At-Home Moms

Let me start out by admitting that I have been guilty of ALL of these bad habits at one time or another. I have been a stay-at-home mom for two years now. Some days...
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Taking My Body Back: The Journey of Breastfeeding

It has been 1176 consecutive days that I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding. My two daughters are exactly 18 months apart and I was fortunate to be able to breastfeed each of them up...

Door County – The Perfect Wisconsin Getaway (+ Bucket List!)

Door County is one of my favorite places on Earth. Not only have I been vacationing in Door County my entire life, my husband and I even chose to have our wedding there. That’s...

Top Beach Bag Book Picks for Summer 2019

 I am always in need of a good book. You should see my to-read list, it's endless. I thought I would share what's on my summer reading list in case you are in need...

Please, Go to Sleep!

As parents, we’ve all been there . . . sleep-deprived walking zombies. This lack of sleep can result in a tired mom putting her keys in the refrigerator, wearing two different types of shoes,...
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Save the Memories, Not the Clutter

It’s spring cleaning time! Cleaning is not exactly my forte and I don’t mind a little dust, but decluttering is where I excel! Because of very limited storage space in my house (and because...

Ideas for Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Young Children

St. Patrick’s Day is the best holiday! Think about it. No presents to buy, no extended family obligations, no meal that takes hours of preparation. Just fun, no stress. Plus, anyone can partake...

Finding My Calm . . . Because I’m About To Lose It!

Today I was pushed to the edge . . . by a crayon. Not over the edge, thank goodness, but I am still disgusted with how I handled a simple parenting situation. As a...