Back to POOL this Fall with Goldfish Swim School

My family has been members of the new Goldfish Swim School in Fitchburg since they first opened pre-Covid, and if you haven’t heard about them yet, it’s time to learn why so many parents are singing their praises all over town (me, included).

We came to Goldfish with an extensive but unsuccessful swimming lesson history: we’ve done lessons and attempted to teach our three kids to swim since our oldest was 6 months old. We’ve tried multiple approaches with family clubs, recreation departments, and private swim schools– but my kids usually floundered around the lowest swim skill level without ever really showing much progress.

That is… until Goldfish.

I can’t put my finger on one specific thing that was the move that resonated with each of my kids, but I can tell you that we now have a 6 year old that can swim the length of the pool underwater comfortably. I didn’t think that day would happen! Unlike many approaches, Goldfish makes sure to keep swimming enjoyable for kids. They won’t force them into a situation that they’re uncomfortable with, but they also focus on survival skills while making them fun. Their curriculum is based on the Science of SwimPlay®  and focuses on teaching swim and water safety skills while building confidence and swim strength in a fun and safe environment. One of the trademark moves they teach the youngest of toddlers (starting at 4 months old) is the “Fin, Fin, Belly, Flipper” to get out of the pool if they ever fall in. The move includes turning to find the wall, putting one arm (or fin) up, then the other, pulling up to your belly, and then swinging a leg (or flipper) onto the side to get out.

We attended our lessons with excitement each week– which was previously something that my kids would approach with dread and hesitation, up until the safer at home order closed all non-essential business doors. And when the doors opened back up, we were ready at the pool to start again!

My family has been more on the cautious side with our approach to isolating during Covid with me being high-risk due to pregnancy, but the one place that I felt completely safe with the kids before and after the safer at home order was at Goldfish.

Goldfish is Taking Covid Precautions Seriously

One of the first business locations that I saw to make their precautions well-known was Goldfish. They immediately began separating and sanitizing all pool equipment, waiting chairs, and private family dressing rooms. Their extensive caution has continued on, today. They have decreased class sizes to never exceed three kids, which remain distanced while in the pool besides from the shield-wearing instructor, and alternate lanes in order to further ensure distancing. Masks are worn by every person until entry into the pool, and in case you forgot one, they have them available for purchase as soon as you enter along with touchless sanitizing stations. Thankfully, swimming is one of the few non-contact activities that children can safely participate in.

And Fall is the Perfect Time for Lessons

With the lack of in-person instruction coming from elsewhere for most kids this fall, one of the factors we included into our homeschool plan was Goldfish swim lessons! I love having the chance to see my kids receive direction from an outside instructor with such little instructor contact (besides me) this fall. It provides me with a break and gives them the opportunity to problem solve, interact, and learn in a way that I can’t provide. Swim lessons at Goldfish provide my kids the chance to navigate these new experiences without relying on me to intervene, and it keeps them active and physically engaged through the colder months when that’s a struggle!

You can join Goldfish or arrange to have a FREE trial lesson by calling their front desk at 608.807.4949. If you decide to join before August 31st, you can also take advantage of some of the promotions they’re currently running such as their Buy Three Months, Swim December Free or Swim More, Save More, where you can save 20% by enrolling in twice-a-week lessons!

Address: 2922 Hardrock Rd – Fitchburg, WI
Phone: 608.807.4949
Website: Goldfish Swim School – Fitchburg

All the Ways to Swim At Goldfish

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