DIY Diaper Wreath

At my baby shower a few years I received lots of adorable gifts. But one of the most memorable gifts I received was a homemade diaper cake. Have you seen those before? Mine was absolutely adorable. It was three “tiers” and just loaded with adorable goodies for the baby: socks, pacifiers, shoes, a comb, thermometer, travel size Johnson & Johnson. It was adorable. I recently invited to a baby shower at my church and I have been racking my brain trying to think of a cute, personal gift idea.  After a quick search on pinterest I came up with plan — I would make a diaper wreath (which seemed much more manageable for me than making a diaper cake).

Diaper Wreath


Wire wreath from craft supply store (I purchase mine at JoAnn’s)

Diapers (I used size 1’s from Walmart)

Ribbon (to tie your diapers onto the wreath)

Accessories to decorate your wreath (such as socks, pacifiers, bibs, onesies, pants, hats, baby comb, baby nail clippers. I purchased a box of baby accessories at Marshall’s that came with a onesie, two pairs of socks, a hat, and a pair of pants)

Decorative adornment (I used a wooden cross because the baby shower was at my church)

Washi tape to decorate the cross



1). Open your pack of diapers and position your diaper around your wreath. Use your ribbon to tightly tie your diaper onto the wire frame. You can choose to keep the diaper pattern facing in the front or turn it around so it is in the back. Either way works fine. I decided to keep the pattern facing foward.


2). Keeping going adding more diapers and tying them onto your wreath. You want to keep scrunching them tightly and adding to it to cover as much as the wire frame as possible.


3). When your wreath is covered all the way around with diapers, start tying your decorative accessories onto the wreath. I just used the same ribbon I used to tie the diapers on. I affixed my onesie, pants, socks, and hat snuggly around various points on the wreath.


4) Next I moved on to decorating my wooden cross (purchase for $1 at JoAnn Frabics). Because this was a baby shower at my church, I knew I wanted to add this special decoration to the wreath. Obviously you can omit if you would like or add something similar like a little animal, the first initial of the baby (if you know what it is going to be). I thought about painting the cross but had heard great things about washi tape so I decided to give it a try for the first time. Washi tape is exttremely easy to work with. I just started taping the wooden cross in diagonal lines until I liked the way it looked. I then fastened the cross to the wreath the same way I did with the other items using my pink ribbon.


And that’s it! My diaper wreath took me less than an hour to complete and cost me about $20 for everything.

Diaper Wreath Final


Maybe next baby shower I will tackle a diaper cake but for now I am happy with the wreath.


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