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GoPeer offers online tutoring for kids of all ages and in over 150 subject areas. They offer 1:1 tutoring with advanced classroom experiences built into the platform. Whether your child needs a little extra help with their homework; or if they are looking for some advanced learning opportunities — there is something for everyone! It’s easy to use, affordable and the tutors are top notch.

My 2nd grader recently started working with an aerospace engineering student (from the University of Minnesota). She is helping my daughter with her math homework every week. We simply send the tutor the homework and when it’s time for the session, she loads it to the screen. They go through the problems and strategies together and the screen is interactive. She’s pleasant, patient, friendly and extremely qualified in the subject matter. My daughter looks forward to it and I love that she makes learning extra fun for her!

It’s Easy to Sign Up

GoPeer uses advanced technology to connect you with the perfect match for your student using the parent’s specifications. Visit their website, fill out a profile (specify grade level, subject matter(s), schedule availability and any other pertinent information about your child).

From there you will be matched with a number of tutors from across the US. You will be able to select tutors who you are interested in connecting with and can do a one on one (15 minute session) to ask them questions and to decide if they seem like a good fit for your child. All scheduling is done in the app or online.

Verified and Experienced Tutors

The tutors are all highly qualified college students from across the country. From a variety of different majors and universities – they are all vetted and verified!

You can have a tutor online with your child within 5-30 minutes of signing up, so if you are ready to get started, sign up and try it out.

Why use a college student as a tutor?:  

  • Experienced tutors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge
  • Peers that have aced your student’s exact class
  • Save time and easily fit lessons into your schedule
  • 1/3 the national average cost
  • Vetted and curated peer tutors


There are over 150 subjects to choose from, including enrichment. Things like foreign language, coding, music lessons and more. You can check out the full list when you fill out your profile.

Whether your child needs a little extra help with a specific subject matter – or if they are looking for enrichment or advanced opportunities…there is something for everyone!

From GoPeer: “We offer many great enrichment activities for students. My 5th grader is in TAG uses it for creative writing, public speaking and mentorship with a Harvard college student.”


Members get pay-as-you-go tutoring for $20/hour. This means that if you book a 30-minute lesson, you pay $10, and if you book a 1-hour session, you pay $20. 100% of that lesson rate always goes directly to your tutor.

Plus, all tutors give a free 15-minute introductory lesson, so you can try multiple tutors and find the perfect fit for free!

Exclusive Promo Code

Use this link for a free $20 credit and a free 7-day trial or use promo code: citymom20

Let us know if you have any questions – we are so excited to share this opportunity with you!

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