Go, See, Explore: Alpine Ridge Orchard

School is in session and we have been enjoying a preschool curriculum that has us focusing on all things apples.  To truly make our lessons come alive, we wanted to take the kiddos to visit the apple orchard. We set our hearts on visiting Alpine Ridge Orchard for the very first time and it was absolutely delightful.

Alpine Ridge Orchard is tucked away in Brooklyn Wisconsin, just about 25 minutes from Madison. We were quite impressed after reading that the orchard is owned by a young family that planted their first trees in 2014. Now the orchard boasts over 2300 trees; that’s a whole lot of apples!

Hours + Location

5610 Alpine Rd
Brooklyn, WI 53521
  • Wednesday-Friday: 12-6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10-6pm

We visited the orchard on a crisp Saturday morning and arrived around 10:30. Parking was easy as there were two long rows of cars, straight down. A decent amount of people showed up when we did, but it didn’t get crowded until around noon. Our suggestion is to get there when it first opens.

To get started, you’ll want to make your way to the red barn. Inside they have various squash, jarred honey, and goat’s milk skin care products which looked lovely. You can also grab a bag of pre-picked apples in the barn as well.

Once we got to the counter, we were greeted by a super friendly owner that gave us a map highlighting the apples that were ready to be picked. After that, he gave us two bag options to choose from. We are big on baking so we of course went with the half bushel and we were off.

Pricing + Donuts

Apples: Small bag $15, Half bushel $24, Full Bushel $46
Corn maze: Adults $6, Ages 5-10 $4, Ages 0-4 Free

Apple Cider Donuts: $10/dozen

The next stop was all about the donuts. Apple cider donuts to be exact. Let’s be honest, you can’t visit an apple orchard and not stop to get the donuts. It’s literally the best part! These were absolutely amazing and they had a nice cake like texture. The food stand also had options like fresh apple cider, apple cider slushees, and much more. The slushees will definitely be on the to-have list the next time we come to visit. It was a good thing that we grabbed our dozen of donuts before-apple picking because the line was pretty long when we were leaving.



Upward and onward to the apples! Our map and apple bag were ready and we were set to start apple picking. My boys were pumped because it’s all we’ve been talking about so they were ready for the hands on experience. We started by picking jonafree’s which were sweet and tart. These make for great baking apples.

The honey crisp and ruby macs were our favorites. Juicy and aromatic! The cortland’s were huge and were quickly filling up our bag. It’s a good thing we had a double stroller. Those apples were heavy! After having a blast with all the picking, we headed straight for the corn maze.

Corn Maze

We loved Alpine’s maze because it was nice and wide. We’ve been to some that are super narrow so this was perfect. Our oldest son led the way and didn’t do a bad job considering he’s three and a half. There is something so awesome about seeing your kids running through a corn maze. Maybe it’s because we are total fall lovers.

Once we completed the maze it was time to head back home. We absolutely enjoyed the simplicity of Alpine Ride Orchard. This place hit all of our orchard wants. Delicious apples, tasty donuts, followed by a fun corn maze. Visiting the orchard made us feel like things were slightly normal again. We are looking to go back in October for the pink lady apples. We hope you get to enjoy this sweet orchard with your family as well. Happy Fall!

Jacqui' is a stay at home mom to two curly boys. Her background is in culinary arts and childcare. She is a Robert Morris University alumni with a degree in culinary arts. She helped to open a restaurant in Bozeman Montana and then ran a daycare for three years before moving back to the Midwest. Jacqui' enjoys cooking delicious meals as well as planning parties, exploring new trails, and running her blog mymodernmom.com. You can also find her on Instagram @jacqui_rubsam


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