(Waukesha County, WI): Fox River Park is located in Waukesha County – which is just outside of Milwaukee and is about an hour east of Madison (depending on what part of the greater Madison area you are traveling from!). It’s doable for a day trip and an adventure off the beaten path. Which these days in particular, we have been looking for fun, unique places to explore in the great outdoors!

Location: W264 S4500 River Road – Waukesha, WI
Daily Entrance Fee: $5 per car

Located in the Town of Waukesha on the river which shares its name, Fox River Park is full of mature woodlands, wetlands, and many species of wild flowers. You’ll feel like you’re in the northern woods of Wisconsin. The 257-acre park represents an outstanding area for providing a feeling of wilderness and solitude. No matter what time of the year, the view and activity is ever-changing: spring brings delicate wildflowers; summer produces a wooded canopy for a hike through the forest; fall offers a breathtaking display of color, and winter donates snow that glistens in the sun. The abundance of wildlife provides great opportunities for nature study and the exploration of the natural world. Many wildflowers and bird species can be viewed along the trails that wind through the park. The miles of paved trails draw hikers, bikers, and rollerbladers throughout the summer to offer a variety of trail experiences.

The 33 Foot Side by Side Slide + Natural Play Area

But perhaps the most compelling piece of this park (for families that is!) is the natural play area. We’ve all been to plenty of playgrounds and gone down hundreds of slides – but the 33-foot side-by-side slides built into the hill at Fox River Park are definitely one of a kind!

The natural play area, which is between picnic areas 1 and 2, includes several natural play elements in addition to the centerpiece embankment slides. There’s a giant boulder for kids to climb all over; a play area for smaller kids with a smaller slide built into a smaller hill and also a sandbox, but not the kind you’d find at a regular playground.

There is also an opportunity for Animal Discovery at this park. In the natural rain garden and butterfly garden, kids are encouraged to play and can even get up close and personal with butterflies, water bugs, frogs and tadpoles.

The play area is near the picnic shelters and bathrooms, as well as adjacent to walking trails and open fields. It’s the perfect location to explore with your kids and to spend a few hours on a summer day.

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