Go, See, Explore: Murals in Madison, WI

There’s no doubt that we live in a beautiful city. And thanks to local artists, our city has even more charm, character and beauty. We love to explore and today we are featuring some of our favorite murals throughout Madison, WI!

If we missed a favorite of yours – please let us know.

Artists: @raymawst + @bkpickandroll | located at 4905 Monona Drive

Artists: @raymawst + @emilybluestar + @bkpickandroll + @ohyastudio | located on the corner of Olin Drive and Park Street – Madison, WI

Artists: @raymawst + @emilybluestar + @bkpickandroll + @ohyastudio | located at Strictly Discs on Monroe Street, Madison

Artist: @tipocracia_ + @szwako | located next to Lauer Realty Group in Madison

Artist: @bkpickandroll | located at Hilldale Mall in Madison

By ArtWrite Collective | located at 1444 E. Washington Ave in Madison, WI

Art by: Dave Gutkowsk and others | located at 3920 Monona Drive in Madison, WI

Art by: Capitol High School students | located behind Madison East Shopping Center

Art by: Flavia Zimbardi, Caetano Calomino and Henrique Nardi + teens from Dane County Juvenile Detention Center | located behind Madison East Shopping Center

Artists: @bkpickandroll + @raymawst | located in Monona, WI

Artists: @ohyahstudio | located in Downtown Middleton/Roman Candle

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