How We Are Enjoying Winter in 2021

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel winters in general can be hard. But especially this winter where indoor activities are so limited. I am a social introvert and it’s finally hit me! So I asked a handful of my friends what they are doing to not only get through the day, but where they have moments they enjoy this winter.

Here’s what they are doing:

Elizabeth is enjoying skiing with her boys this winter as much as possible.

Sarah is spending less times scrolling on her phone and more time getting lost in a good book holding her sweet baby.

Betsy is taking fancy baths using a fun bath bomb from Lush and reading a book.

Alisa enjoys getting outside and taking her dog on a walk.

Vicki finds the small pleasures in taking care of her skin and making sure to stay on top of her skincare routine.

Amy is surviving winter by getting outside as much as possible, taking hikes, building forts & sledding.

And here I am in my uniform of joggers, oversized sweatshirt and Uggs. I’m sure you are disappointed hearing I don’t have a fashion blog. But what I love doing this winter is getting lost in a good romance book. I often feel I have to read books that won a literary award that have deep substance and I threw that mindset out the window. I love those books too but for now I am most happy reading a rom com book. I just really need that happy ending right now.

Other things my family is doing to enjoy this winter is skiing/snowboarding, tubing and ice skating at our local pond. Basically embracing as many winter sports as possible. I hope you all are able to stay positive during this season!

Tell me what you are doing as a pick me up or activity that makes this winter better. I would love to know!

Melissa Gammon
Melissa is a mom of a 2 year old and expecting her second child any day now! She's a foodie, loves spending time with her family and friends, enjoys reading a good book, designing, crafting and taking as many family adventures as possible. Fitting that in of course is a juggling act between being a busy stay at home mom, but she wouldn't want it any other way. Before having kids she studied and worked in architecture. She and her husband have lived in Chicago, Norfolk, Va, San Francisco and just recently moved back to Madison. You can also read about her adventures on her personal blog


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