Meet Inga Hope-McIntyre | A Madison Area Mom and Track and Field Masters Athlete for Team USA

I strive to lead by example. I let my kids see me doing hard things. I may fail at times but when your hard work pays off, they also get to see that as well.

When having discussions with others about what they enjoy, I sometimes hear people say, ‘when I was young’ or ‘before I became a mom, I used to…’

I strive to be someone who find ways to continue to do things that I am passionate about. I work full time. I am a mother. A wife. AND Track and Field Masters Athlete. I also enjoy finding creative ways to bake and decorate treats for friends and family. There will always be an excuse of why you can’t – but the goal is to have just as many (or even a couple I reasons) for why you can. And why you should inspire, empower, and be intentional about owning your skills and purposely following your passions even after becoming a parent. The key for me is being consistent with my training – and as a parent giving myself grace. 

“Your job is just one aspect of your life. Go do that thing you say you wish you could do, because it can enhance all the other aspects of your life.” – Durran Dunn, CPA, CIA, Coach and Fellow USA Masters Athlete.



How long have you been competing in Track? 

I grew up on the island of Trinidad, and with some encouragement from a family friend I joined a local track club at the age of 13. At 17 years old I qualified for the Trinidad and Tobago Junior National team and had my first experience traveling for competition. This opened the doors to scholarship offers and at 18 years old I made my way from Trinidad to Cedar Falls, IA to attend the University of Northern Iowa. Though a joyous moment of receiving a full scholarship, the first two years was the most challenging as I navigated this new norm.

I graduated with a BA in Sociology and with a minor in Family Studies. Today I credit most of my ability to balance and to adapt to different situations in that time of my life to working on campus, training, competing, and staying on top of all academics. There were definitely times that I questioned it all. I missed my family, especially during the cold midwest winters… but the sacrifice was worth it, and my journey continues today. 

What brought you to Madison?

I met my husband, Brian, a Wisconsin native through track while we were both in college.  He was a student athlete at University of Wisconsin-Platteville. We made Madison our home after he accepted a teaching and coaching position in the area. I did not really know much about the city but chose it due to proximity to our jobs.

We have been in Madison for 19 years and enjoy the various amenities for families with active lifestyles. There are numerous trails and access to some facilities on campus that I have been able to utilize for my track training. My hope for the future would be for more members of the Madison community to have affordable access to the facilities during the winter months. This may encourage others to find ways to stay active. 

How did you balance family life and track as a parent?

After ending my college athletic career I wanted to stay active, so I continued to workout. I joined a track and field club and started competing again. I quickly found that as a parent you will need to create a base plan, set goals, and also be willing to adapt at any moment. I joined a gym that included a childcare, invested in some training equipment, and packed lots of snacks and toys and took my kids to a local high school track during the warm months. I had help from my husband as we traded off morning and evening workouts. Now our daughter Marley is a high school sophomore, and Pearl is a 4th grader. They are both involved in sports and love to compete.

Throughout the years I continued with training and competing (mostly in Wisconsin and neighboring states) in the collegiate sprint events that would allow me to compete as an open athlete. 

I was introduced to the USA Masters Track and Field circuit at 30 years old (association that includes competition for Track and Field athletes competing in 5 year age brackets). Through this avenue I have met many individuals of different levels with similar interests having fun and competing. This past summer I traveled with the team to Tampere Finland for the World Masters Track and Field Outdoor Championship where I was a semi-finalist in the W40-44 age group 100M, and a silver medalist as part of the USA W40 4x100M relay team.

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My daughters used to come to my workouts as toddlers and now they are competing as athletes. 

What’s next?

My 2023 season competing in local track and field meets starts this month. In March of 2023 my hope is to compete at the USA Masters Indoor National Championship in Louisville, KY and later that month in Torun, Poland for the World Masters Indoor Championship – with goals of improving my 4th place finish I had in that location in the 60M in 2019. 

Accolades for 2022

  • 2022 USA Track and Field Masters W40 Age Group Athlete of the year
  • W40 60m USA Masters Indoor National Champion, silver in the 200m
  • W40 100m and 200m USA Master Outdoor National Champion
  • W40 100m and 200m Wisconsin USATF Outdoor Champion
  • Team USA W40 4x100m relay silver medalist World Masters Championship

I want to encourage anyone who is still considering starting something new or continuing with a passion – that it is not too late.  Although my passion has been track and field, I challenge others that I meet to find something that brings them joy. Take time for yourself to form healthy habits even as busy parents!

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