Interview with a Local Mom about the Impact Football has had on her Daughter


Football has always been a sport that really brings people together. The camaraderie of the team; the fans filling the stands; the marching band pumping up the crowd and the communities that band together to cheer for their hometown team!

And in recent years, it’s been really great to see an increase in the number of opportunities for girls to play youth football and flag football as well! 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Bridget Krueger, a local mom, who’s daughter (Bryn) has fallen in love with the game of flag football. Bryn has been involved with football for a few years now and not only does she love it – but it has been a great confidence builder for her every time she takes the field. 

Here is what Bridget had to say about the impact that flag football has had on her 12 year old daughter: 

A: How old is your daughter? 
B: She’s 12 years old and in the 6th grade.

A: Has she always known she wanted to play football? 
B: She has always loved sports – she took to football in the past few years. 

A: Are there other girls who play on her team or in her league? 
B: There are three girls on her team and definitely more girls in the league. 

A: What position does your daughter play?
B: Wide receiver and running back.

A: Does she want to continue? 
B: She loves playing flag football – it’s been great for confidence and building her abilities. We hope that there will be more opportunities for her as she gets older. 

A: What has been the most rewarding part? 
B: She is competitive and loves being successful — and it’s been great for team camaraderie. She’s been able to score touchdowns – which has been great for her confidence. 

A: Have there been challenges in being one of only a few girls? 
B: The coaches and teammates have been very welcoming! And many people seem to be excited at seeing more girls play.

Visit to find a league near you and for other helpful resources to see how your family can also enjoy the game!

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