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Preparing for your baby and the changes he or she will bring is a big part of your pregnancy. There are times of excitement and times of overwhelming emotion. From family planning to ensuring a successful delivery, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital will support your pregnancy every step of the way.

We had the chance to chat with one of the Labor and Delivery nurses at SSM St. Mary’s Hospital, and she gave us an insider’s perspective on their amazing birthing suites (and their equally amazing compassionate care!).

Many thanks to SSM Health Nurse, Uchenna Jones, for her time and support in putting this article together! 

SSM St. Mary’s Hospital Family Birth Suites

Your stay begins in one of SSM St. Mary’s spacious Family Birth Suites – a private, home-like setting where women are supported by nurses who specialize in labor and birth. According to Uchenna Jones, the size of the rooms is often one of the first things patients notice! In non-Covid times, patients often bring both sets of grandparents or other family members into the suite to offer support and encouragement. 

Beyond the size of the room, ambiance is another aspect of the suites that sets SSM St. Mary’s apart. From lights with dimmers to diffusers to warm, comfortable colors, their rooms create a calm, gentle environment during labor. Many patients choose to listen to music or watch a few shows on the flat screen tv, Jones says, and there’s a pull out couch where partners can rest if needed. 

Each birthing suite offers a jetted tub, birthing ball and hands-on support to help ease discomfort.

Jones emphasizes the compassionate care nurses bring to their laboring patients, using calm, soothing voices and positive, reassuring words to make sure you are comforted and supported during labor.

For low-risk patients, a laboring mom is not always confined to the bed. When appropriate, mom can wear a wireless fetal monitor or an intermittent monitor so she can walk around, try standing positions or even labor in a special laboring tub, or the shower or jetted tub in her room. This option supports movement during labor, which can increase comfort and speed progress.

SSM St. Mary’s Hospital Family Care Suites

Following the birth of your baby, you’ll rest in one of their Family Care Suites. These quiet, spa-like rooms accommodate both mom and her partner, and include a queen bed, in-room baby bathing area and massaging shower. SSM St. Mary’s encourages parents to room-in with their baby 24/7 and provide breastfeeding support. Nurses who specialize in caring for moms and their newborns monitor recovery and support families through those important first few days together.

You can even enjoy an enhanced room service menu with organic and locally sourced food options!

Schedule your tour to see the amenities at SSM St. Mary’s Hospital today!

For additional videos on their Family Birth Suites and Family Care Suites, breastfeeding, skin-to-skin care and much more, view their full playlist.

Thanks again to Nurse Uchenna Jones for her help with this post! 

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