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Becoming a new mom is one of the most beautiful and exciting times in a woman’s life, and it can also feel like you are entering a whole new world full of new beginnings. Before we become parents, we envision what motherhood will be like – funny thing is that many of us will agree that our vision isn’t always the same as our reality. Some things may come easier than we expect, while others may feel more difficult than we could have imagined. For me, personally, breastfeeding was more challenging than I had expected – but it was still something I knew I wanted to pursue. (And on the flip side – nursing was extremely easy for my sister — every birth story is unique and breastfeeding journeys can also be different!) 

Luckily, there is a lot of support available for new moms in the Madison area. And our friends at Physicians for Women & The Madison Midwives (Christine Kern Steffen & Allison Scholl) offer a phenomenal amount of lactation support for those who could use it! Their mission is to empower new moms with tools to promote successful breastfeeding and to help women feel more confident about their journey. 

The major benefits of working with lactation support is that you can easily get your questions answered by someone who has a wealth of knowledge; you can find out about additional resources within our Madison community; and you will feel more confident about breastfeeding your baby! Women can make a breastfeeding appointment at any time. For many women, the first two weeks are especially challenging and support during that time is most helpful.

Some of the common concerns that they can help support are nipple soreness; plugged ducts; difficulty latching (or using a nipple shield), breast infection, concerns about making too much or too little milk, engorgement and overall lactation support. It’s so wonderful to have such a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips!

Located at 2955 Triverton Pike Drive in Fitchburg – Physicians for Women & The Madison Midwives offer a cozy, home-like space to create a relaxed environment for women to meet with a specialist and gain confidence. The Madison Midwives promotes a continuous and compassionate model of women’s healthcare, partnering with women to provide individualized methods of care. They believe women should play an active role in their health care decisions and the midwife will provide knowledgeable and compassionate care in partnering with women as they make these decisions. Working with a collaborative group of practitioners at Physicians for Women provides the opportunity to partner with Board Certified Obstetrics/Gynecologists in consultation, collaboration and referral within the health care team as needed to provide optimal health care for women.

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