Lavender Farms to Visit this Summer | Wisconsin

Lavender fields have become a treasure in Wisconsin. They are beautiful, summery and smell divine. Typically they are only in season for 4-6 weeks and the timing tends to fluctuate each year. You will want to check websites before heading out, as details sometimes change.

Several also have a shop to buy products made on their farm. Below you will find the farms near us, let us know if we missed any!

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  1. I was reviewing your post, “Lavender Farms to Visit this Summer” and where I would have expdected to see your list of suggested places to visit,

    [sabai-directory-listings category=”lavender-fields”]

    appears instead. Would you please send me the list of “Lavender Farms to Visit this Summer” even though “this summer” is gone and I will review the information to visit summer of 2023.

    Thank you.


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