Top FIVE Reasons We Love The Little Gym of Middleton!

With young kids it can be hard to find the right activities that will keep them occupied, burn their energy and also instill confidence – all while HAVING FUN! The Little Gym does all of that and more. From January through June, you will find my kids at The Little Gym (in Middleton) having fun, learning and burning some of that extra energy on the big red mat! Winter in Wisconsin is long and brutal – which makes it extra critical to find some indoor activities that you can add to your routine. 

I started taking my kids when they were two years old and it’s something they look forward to every week. When we first enrolled a couple years ago, I was a little nervous that my two year old twins wouldn’t engage – but I was wrong! And the beauty in it all is that the teachers at The Little Gym encourage exploring, so it’s okay if kids veer away from the rest of the class for a bit. After all, that’s a good way to build independence! The set up of the room is completely safe (and the room is closed off so the kids don’t escape even when they are veering off!)

For kids who are 3 and older, the parents can watch from behind the glass (or grab a cup of coffee next door!) Kids under three have the parents participate in the classes with them. There are a variety of class options, ranging from karate to sports skills to music and dance — and everything in between. The teachers are friendly, knowledgable and attentive. They know every child’s name and greet them warmly!

We are big fans of The Little Gym in Middleton – and every Christmas that is what Grandma & Grandpa get my kids as their big gift. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all winter/spring long and something my kids love and look forward to. You are also welcome to try a class for free to see what you think – call 608-836-3028 to get signed up. 

 Top 5 Reasons We LOVE The Little Gym

5: Parent Survival Night!

Did we mention they also host Parents Survival Nights?! This is for potty trained kids ages 3 to 12 — parents can drop the kids off, and the parents get a date night or night away. The hours are 6:15-9:45pm, kids love it and parents deserve it!

4: A chance to meet other moms

When I first moved here (five years ago), I didn’t have any ‘mom’ friends — or any friends for that matter! But The Little Gym is an awesome place to meet other moms – all of whom have kids the same age as yours! 

3: Socialization for the kids

This is a great opportunity for kids to be around other kids their same age. They get to play together, learn how to interact, share and take turns… and build friendships!

2: It teaches Confidence, Independence and Strength!

The Little Gym of Middleton has done so much for my kids! Every time they learn a new skill, their confidence soars. It’s so fun to see them building confidence and independence all while having a blast!

1: It’s FUN!!!

Need I say more?!?! The kids LOVE it! 

Every The Little Gym location is privately owned and operated – our review is based off our own experience at the Middleton location. They are now enrolling for winter sessions – here is the information you need to get enrolled!

920 Cayuga St.
Middleton , WI 53562
(608) 836-3028

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