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We are thrilled to partner with Lodgic Everyday Community and to share about their offerings to our audience. They are a fantastic addition to our community and we only partner with brands we trust or personally have used.

(Madison, WI): Have you ever found yourself in a bind because of childcare? Maybe you lost your sitter last minute, or maybe you had a work meeting pop up — no matter what it is, it is stressful to scramble for childcare. Not only stressful – but often not feasible.

Enter Lodgic Kids Camp – part of the Lodgic Everyday Community (located just off University Avenue in Shorewood Hills at 2801 Marshall Ct – Madison). They offer flexible childcare for families — designed to support the unique and evolving needs of modern families in the COVID era and beyond.

Not only is the care flexible (they do also have longterm, regular hour offerings available), but it is top notchLodgic Kids Camp provides and teaches social and emotional intelligence in a time of uncertainty. They give children the chance to socialize (safely) while also offering them stability.

According to Melinda Sheehan – National Childcare Director, “Lodgic Kids Camp focuses on empowering children as they learn how to process and react to their emotions and situations, set positive goals, problem-solve effectively, and build healthy relationships.” 

Lodgic Kids Camp 

  • Lodgic Kids Camp is a nonprofit that offers high-quality licensed child care with no contract or commitment required.
  • Lodgic Kids Camp offers a flexible scheduling model, designed to adapt to the unique needs of each individual family.
  • Kids Camp is currently open Monday through Friday, from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm, to accommodate nontraditional or flexible work schedules. Saturday care is available with advance request.
  • Lodgic Kids Camp focuses on play-based fun with values-based learning. Their unique philosophy comes from more than 100 years of caring for children. 

Who does Kids Camp serve?

  • Serves all families with children ages 12 months to 12 years. 
  • Parents who are in need of dedicated time to focus on work, household tasks, or attend a meeting free of distractions.
  • Lodgic Kids Camp supports families who are looking to re-establish the balance between work and life.
  • With close proximity to UW and the VA hospitals, Kids Camp is an especially great option for essential workers who are looking for child care support.

Teaching Social and Emotional Intelligence + Virtual Learning Assistance

  • Social and emotional intelligence is the process in which children understand and manage emotions to achieve positive results. This is important as they learn how to express how they are feeling and communicate with others especially in a time of conflict or when they are uncomfortable. 
  • Lodgic Kids Camp places an emphasis on social and emotional learning (SEL) with mindfulness techniques. Social skills are taught through play-based learning related to the values of empathy, caring, respect, kindness, responsibility, and service.   
  • From getting your school-ager set up and logged on to their device to helping them stay on track while completing assignments – the teachers at Kids Camp can help your child navigate the day-to-day responsibilities of their virtual learning by keeping them focused and supported throughout their day.

A Dedicated Workplace for Parents 

With dedicated desks, office space, and coworking available in Lodgic Workplace under the same roof as onsite licensed childcare, parents are able to trust that there is a responsible and enriching place for their children to experience high-quality curriculum-based care while also having undivided time to focus on themselves and their work. Parents do not need to have a child in Kids Camp in order to use Lodgic Workplace.

COVID Precautions 

  • Daily temperature checks for staff, parents and children
  • Staggered arrival & departure times as necessary – worked out in accordance with your schedule and needs prior to implementation

Kids Camp adheres to the recommendations provided by public health and on top of already thorough cleaning procedures, additional sanitization of the space is performed every 30 minutes. 

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