Madison-Area Drive-Through Coffee Shops

Let’s face it, the only time we get to drink our coffee while it’s still hot is if it’s snuggled safely into a cup holder, out of reach of the sticky hands of children strapped down in their car seats.

Coffee Cup

Some coffee shops are kid-friendly. Most are not. I have gotten my fair share of angry glares from college students and young, urban professionals when my toddlers have shattered their peaceful and focused work time with shrill screams.

When I treat myself to a caffeinated beverage that wasn’t made by me or my husband while half-asleep, and I have kids in tow, the last thing I want to do is unstrap and unleash them. Here are some Madison-area drive-though coffee shops that will help us all avoid that.

These are self-reported from other Madison-area moms, so if you notice your go-to drive-thru is missing, leave a comment and we can add it to the map!

Madison-area Drive Through Coffee Shops

Map of Madison-area Drive-thru Coffee Shop

Kim Hinkley
Kim is a mom of two toddlers, Hank and Ike. She's called both Chicago and San Francisco home, but moved to Madison after reconnecting with her college sweetheart (now her husband) after a 9-year hiatus. After a year of staying at home full-time, she's back "at the office" as the Curriculum & Programming Director at The Well Preschool. She periodically guest lectures on the importance of play for adults in UW-Madison's Consuming Happiness course. When she's not chasing after her sons, she tries to relax with pilates, random craft classes, wine and exercises her newfound love of bingo whenever possible.



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