MadTown Family Bingo

Need some inspiration to get out and about in Madison regardless of the season?

Do you get out and about traversing that city we live in? Do you have a goal to explore your own city more this year? I know that I do.  

Here’s a downloadable MadTown Family Bingo Card from Madison Moms Blog. You are able to set two goals on the card:

The point of the card is to get your family out and about exploring our vibrant city. Madison Moms Blog would love to see pictures of your explorations with your bingo card. You can post them on Facebook or Instagram and use #MadisonMomLife so that others can see.

If you are a visitor to the greater Madison area, this a a great resource to help you explore venues and sites that MadTown residents LOVE and frequent. 

On your mark, get set, GO start marking your bingo card!

Curious kid seeing Madison from the Observation Deck at the Wisconsin State Capitol!


Kid’s view!



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