Not Just for Adults | How Chiropractic Care Can Impact your Child’s Life

Making healthcare decisions for your family can feel so intimidating, and when your child is struggling, all you want are clear, simple answers. Finding a provider that will listen to your concerns and take the time to walk through potential options is the holy grail – and lucky for us, we have ADIO Chiropractic right here in Madison! We are so happy to share this story from a local mom about her personal experience with ADIO and how they worked with her daughter to find life-changing solutions to every day problems.

Here is Kelly’s story:

“The reason that we initially came to ADIO is because Emmy could only breathe through her mouth. We had taken her to an ENT, thinking that perhaps her adenoids were inflamed, and he said they looked fine and suggested we see an allergist. Then a friend told me about Dr. Eric and the success her family and other families were having and I knew it was worth a shot. I was surprised to learn that chiropractic care could help with quite a few other concerns we had with Emmy, namely constipation, unexplained sadness, irrational & irritable behavior, bad attitude and over sensitivity to smells.

When I first asked our pediatrician about Emmy’s mouth breathing, she suggested that we try Flonase because ‘that’s what an ENT is going to make you try first, anyway.’ So we tried it a few times and it seemed to help somewhat, but we wanted to actually fix the problem instead of just treat it. Also, we are not big on medicine unless it’s absolutely medically necessary, so the idea of squirting a chemical into our daughter’s nose every night was upsetting and didn’t feel right.

Over the years, our pediatrician had also recommended that we give Emmy a stool softener to help with constipation. #1, it was nearly impossible to get her to actually drink it. #2, it was again a focus on treating the symptoms instead of actually figuring out why her body is getting constipated in the first place.

When we brought Emmy to ADIO, it was so refreshing to have a doctor perform a detailed patient history, all the way from in utero, through the birthing process, to present day.  There was a clear focus on the WHY and how it can be fixed, as opposed to just treating the symptoms right in front of us. As parents, that really resonated with us. We finally felt like someone else had as much interest in truly helping our daughter as we did.

Also, Dr. Eric and Kathryn make us all feel like family, instead of just another appointment that they need to rush through the door. Like most children, my kids dread going to the dentist/doctor/etc. but they actually look forward to visiting the chiropractor because they have fun when they’re there!

Every year, we take our kids on a road trip somewhere for spring break. Every year, we take the obligatory picture in front of the packed-up vehicle before we hit the road.  And every year, Emmy is the only one pouting, crying, standing way off to the side for this picture. For no apparent reason, she would have the worst attitude even though we were making a concerted effort to spend fun time together as a family. As a parent, it’s like a punch in the gut and it brings the whole family down.

After just a week or two of chiropractic care, I remember being at the zoo with the three kids. We were riding the train and Emmy turned to me and said ‘Mom, thank you so much for taking us to the zoo! This is so fun! And thank you for buying us tickets to ride the train!’ I was blown away. But that was the turning point when I realized that she really had been so happy, sweet, silly, calm & cooperative lately. It was like a veil of darkness had been lifted off of her, and in turn, off of the whole family! She wasn’t crying every morning when we went to brush her teeth. She didn’t wake up crabby and snarling anymore. If her brother was making her upset, she would calmly walk away and come find me to talk about it instead of hitting him. And she was breathing through her nose!!!

Life is so much more pleasant now! It has seriously been life changing. Everyone is happier and we enjoy things more as a family. Emmy is so much more cooperative, helpful and sweet. We always knew that she was a sweet girl, but there were many times where it felt like she was hidden in there somewhere beneath all this negativity and she didn’t know how to shake it and we didn’t know how to help her. It was heartbreaking but it feels so good to be on the other side now. She is also more aware of emotions now. There are still some days where she feels like she can’t control her emotions but she will come to me now and talk about it. We feel so blessed to have found ADIO Chiropractic and try to encourage our friends to bring their kids in because we want other families to experience the same benefits that we have.”

If your parent gut is telling you that there is more to your kiddo’s story, call ADIO at 608.824.0950 or email them directly at [email protected] to find out more on how they can help YOUR family.


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