Pregnancy Announcements and Gender Reveals

  Finding out you are pregnant is such an exciting time and it’s natural to want to share your joy with everyone! In this pinterest day and age, there are all kinds of cute pregnancy announcements out there. Whether you take a photo at home or hire a professional it’s so fun to share the announcements with your loved ones! Here is a fun list of some cute and creative announcements.

If you have your first baby on the way, then here are some ideas:

twins announcement

Lots of cute ideas using pets…

pregnancy announcementpregnancy announcement

Photo credit Vintage Pear Photography




Photo Credit Trevor Dayley Photography

Here are a few where the big-siblings-to-be are sharing the news!

pregnancy announcement

Photo credit Raspberry Lane Photography

Pregnancy AnnouncementPregnancy Announcementpregnancy announcementPhoto credit Kenzi Photography

big brother pregnancy announcementPhoto credit 3dandelions Photography
Photo Credit Angela Sleep Photography

Announcements incorporating the whole family are great, love getting the whole family involved. I think that these ideas would be so fun to send out as holiday cards!

agannouncementPhoto Credit Andrea Larson Photography

pregnancy announcementPhoto credit Angela Sleep Photography

10807088_10104334442449481_1365058713_npregnancy announcement Photo credit Vintage Pear Photography

To put your own twist on an announcement, use photos that represent something special to your family!


Not only are pregnancy announcements a big trend, so are gender reveals! This is something I didn’t really know about with my first pregnancy but there are so many great ideas out there.

I love this idea with the little baby cake pops!

Cute Gender RevealGender Reveal

 A cute announcement using mom and dad’s rings:

gender announcement

And how about this creative idea using Scrabble tiles (I might have to steal this one)!

Gender Announcement

Holding a gender specific clothing item is also a great idea!

gender revealPhoto credit Vintage Pear Photography

This is great for winter, too.Gender Reveal


Gender reveal parties are also picking up popularity. You could host your family and friends and all find out the gender of your baby at the same time. What a great way to celebrate and make special memories together!

Gender Reveal Gender Reveal

Photo credit Kara Hilburger Photography


What are some fun ways your shared your pregnancy or revealed the gender of your newest family member? Comment below and let us know!



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