Preparing for the “New School”

Change is inevitable. Our lives are faced with different changes but is it truly is how we handle those situations that determines the outcome. Daycare in Madison is SUPER competitive. These days there seems to be more children then there are spots at daycare centers.

I remember our scouting like it was yesterday. I was just shy of 20 weeks and we were already touring daycares near our home. At that point we didn’t even know the sex of our baby but wanted to determine where he/she would be getting care once I headed back to work.


We were content with our decision. The center was walking distance from our condo, allowed cloth diapers and taught infant sign language. At 3 months old until now this was our daughter’s home away from home where she has made some great friends and learned new things. Suddenly there was a steep increase in weekly tuition which made my family start a search for another option…

The process started again, calls, tours and put on waiting lists. Months went by until one center had an opening and I got the call. I was thrilled and scared at the same time. It was time for a change, looking for a smaller center but I didn’t know how my toddler would feel . This change is just getting her used to changes she will encounter later in life right?

I have been concentrating on how I can best ready my toddler for the move. I didn’t want to start too early and confuse her so one month prior I have begun the following steps:

  1. Talk it up- Just this month I have been bringing up the “New School” on a daily basis, how much fun she is going to have and all the things she is going to learn.
  2. Drive bys- We pass by the new school as much as we can, I point out her school and talk it up again.
  3. Familiar faces- find out who else your child may know at the school. Plan playdates if you can before daycare starts.
  4. Meet + Greet- plan a time your little one can meet her new teachers and walk through the daycare.
  5. Photos- take a picture of the new daycare and teachers. Make a little photo book or just keep on your phone to show. Much of this information you can access from the school’s website.
  6. Buy Something New- I let my daughter buy a new backpack for her new school. She got to browse the aisles and see what she liked. It was a tough choice between a Doc McStuffin’s and Minion backpack but Lambie won that battle.

I am hopeful this transition will be seamless.

Wish us luck! Who else is dealing with change in daycare or schools?

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