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(Madison, WI): Last week, my family (and two other families) had plans for an outdoor adventure – but with the windchill at 20 degrees below zero, we needed a backup plan. We were racking our brains trying to think of something fun and safe that we could do — and we ended up discovering that Marcus Theaters now offers private screenings! Since we have spent some time with these families since last summer (our circle is still very small), it felt like a safe option. We had the theater to ourselves – which was also a novel experience for the kids!

We were allowed to have up to 20 people in the theater (and with the size of the theater – that would be totally doable/safe), but we only had 15 in our group. You are also able to pre-order concessions through their website or app, for contactless pickup. So this made for a very safe and enjoyable afternoon and something special and memorable that the kids will remember for a long time!

The cost is $149 + tax, and when divided by the three families – we spent about what we would spend to take the family to a movie in typical times (without a private theater). So it was a great deal and a fun, safe way to spend the afternoon!

We were able to arrive 30 minutes early… which we did, because this was our only outing for the day! We arrive early, grabbed our pre-ordered snacks and enjoyed being in a theater for the first time in a year.

The Details (as of 2/15/21)

  • Marcus Theaters: Point Cinema | Marcus Palace Cinema
  • Private Cinema Rental
  • $149 + tax
  • Up to 20 people
  • Contactless concession ordering and pick-up
  • Masks required in lobby
  • All seats are sanitized and marked as sanitized prior to arrival

Here is the link to rent a Marcus Private Cinema

**Honestly, Marcus Theaters seems to have some great safety precautions in place – that I imagine seeing a movie in a regular theater is okay, too. They have ample space and the ability to distance between seats/families. We all have to make decisions that make sense for our own families given the circumstances — but movies are definitely something we have missed and are happy to have gone back!

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