Two More Quick & Easy Indoor Activities

As we scratch and claw our way through these last (and hopefully few!) days of cold weather here are two more very easy and kid friendly indoor activities. Maybe they will buy you a little time while the temperatures rise, the snow lowers, and the mud dries up. These are two activities that my girls really love doing.

Ice Cube Picnic

Materials: Ice cubes, big bowls, towels, as many kitchen utensils as you are willing to sacrifice


I put towels down on mykitchen floor and gave my girls each a big bowl and put another big bowl full of ice cubes on the towel as well. They used little bowls, spatulas, measuring cups, spoons, and more just playing with the ice cubes. They had a great time for at least an hour, or as long as the ice lasted.



Mixed up Muffins

Materials: muffin tin, empty egg carton, spoons, measuring cups, little bowls, dry beans, dry rice, dry oatmeal, dry pasta, buttons, and whatever else you can find within reach


Place all the items in separate bowls and let them start creating! My girls loved mixing things together and then trying to sort them back out into the separate muffin tins.


And if all else fails, put their snow pants on and send them out to play in the mud! The great thing about kids and snow pants ~ they’re both washable!

Here’s to surviving the last few days of cold!


  1. Aah, the things that entertain small children. I always like to imagine what it must have been like to have had this sort of ability to get lost in the moment…even when it’s just a moment of ice cubes!

    It’s great finding little activities like this that can occupy young minds and have nothing to do with electronics 🙂


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