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Today we want to highlight SSM Health and their relationship with local doulas.  A doula is a professional birth coach who provides emotional, physical and mental support to women in their reproductive journey. Doulas build a relationship with the expecting families during their birth experience.

SSM Health welcomes doulas at all stages of pregnancy and care providers work closely with them. If a patient is interested in working with a doula, SSM Health suggest that they connect with them in the early stages of their pregnancy to allow the patient and doula to establish a strong relationship prior to delivery. There are different paths a patient can take to have a doula with her during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. Some patients may search for a doula on their own while others may qualify for a doula through their insurance or through a program for those in need.

I had the pleasure of speaking with doulas from Roots4Change and I am so grateful for the insight and knowledge they shared with me. Roots4Change’s vision is participating in the co-creation of the high quality maternal and child well-being support for Latina/Indigenous families.

Here are questions they were kind enough to answer:

What is your favorite part of your job working as a doula?

There are so many parts, but what they truly love is supporting their clients find the path they are hoping for in the birthing process.

What do you want women who are considering using a doula to know?

It is important that women know that doulas are there to support them. Doulas work closely with their patient and their providers and help create a birthing or care plan that’s right for them.

What are the different experiences you have using a doula vs not using a doula?

Birth is stressful but what a doula can provide is not only physical but emotional support. Think of them as a whisper to help ground you during the birthing process. Doulas are there to remind you of the power you have within yourself during those especially stressful and transformational moments. A birth doula’s relationship may continue after the baby is born, which can help mothers navigate their initial postpartum journey.

If you are interested in in utilizing a doula there are a number of groups in our area that you can reach out to. You can also talk to your SSM Health provider to get more information about doulas. For those in need, SSM Health can also help connect those who qualify with differing doula programs in the area.

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