Support for Erin Douglas

Erin Douglas is a Madison-area wife, mother, and Speech and Language Pathologist (among her many other roles and relationships). The last 6 weeks have brought a devastating turn of life events for Erin and her family and as a community of mothers it is my hope we can rally around them during this time. Here is her story and how YOU can help!

ERIN’S STORY: Erin Douglas

Erin and Jon and daughter, Sophia, were excited at the news of Erin’s pregnancy! At 30 weeks along, Erin began to lose all feeling in her lower extremities. By 31 weeks pregnant, Erin was unable to move efficiently and had to take a leave of absence from a job she loved at Children’s Therapy Network. At 32 weeks pregnant, Erin was admitted to the
hospital due to complete loss of mobility and numbness in her lower extremities. She was found to have multiple tumors along her spine and brain. She went through emergency back surgery to try to remove the tumors, however the surgery was largely unsuccessful. She was then scheduled for an emergency C‐Section to remove Baby Emmy for safety precautions. Emmy was born on Monday, February 15th. Emmy was doing well in the NICU. However, Erin was scheduled for another surgery on February 16th to try to remove the tumors. The 15 hour surgery resulted in removal of 70% of the tumors on her lower spine. However, just four short days later, she and Jon were presented with the devastating news that Erin had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The doctors don’t know how much time Erin has left.


Provide Silent Auction Donations:

We looking for community members and businesses to donate goods and services, gift cards, themed gift baskets, or anything else that we can put into the silent auction to raise money for Erin’s family. The money will go toward child care expenses for Sophia and Emmy over the summer (Erin’s plan was to be home with them part-time this summer), medical expenses, and money toward the girls’ college funds. Please donate!! If you have any questions, you can e‐mail Melissa Wegner at [email protected] OR Emily Consigny [email protected].

Attend the Benefit: 

The silent auction and benefit concert will be held on Friday, April 8th @ 6:30 pm at The Brink Lounge. There is a suggested entrance donation of $15. There will be light hors d’oeuvres, a dessert bar, silent auction (bidding closes at 8:00), fundraising activities, entertainment, and a cash bar! If you’re unable to attend donations can be made here.

You can also follow along, send messages, and offer support on Erin’s Facebook Support Page 

Please keep Erin and her family in your thoughts as they navigate this time.

Thank you in advance for your help and support! 


  1. I am a local woman business owner interested in donating to the silent auction. Such a tragedy! Please let me know who to contact. Would it be Melissa, at the above address?

    Thank you so much.
    Holly Larson


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