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We have all read the articles on the importance of music and art in brain development beginning from birth, hence the reason we sing lullabies to our babies, finger paint with our toddlers, and sing and dance with our preschoolers. Why then, do we seem to forget about the arts when our children begin school? It seems as though once children reach the age of academia, music, and art fade into the background.

The arts are not subjects that stay within the confines of a class period. Their benefits explode in all aspects of learning and life.

Music is one of the only activities that stimulates all 6 regions of the brain – physical, emotional, social, language, musical, and cognitive – while art challenges and encourages children to use their problem-solving skills in addition to their creativity. Being able to think creatively is an important skill to develop and nurture.    

Queen of Peace School is deeply committed to the arts beginning in 4K and continuing through 8th grade. This constant integration of music and visual arts through middle school allows students to explore and connect with the arts on a deeper level. Queen of Peace School strives to build students up in ways that excite and encourage them to take charge of their own learning. With many open-ended prompts and multi-directional challenges, students look to their knowledge from other subject areas to come up with their own solutions; ones that may look completely different than those of their peers. 


In the art room, students learn from artists who have come before them and are able to combine that history with their own interests and questions. Students are encouraged to follow their artistic vision in order to become comfortable with their choices. They are able to personalize their experience and become well-rounded learners by engaging authentically with the material. Our teachers encourage kids to make mistakes and get messy, allowing them to learn through their successes and areas of growth. Celebrating both helps to boost a student’s confidence and self-esteem.


Children learn best while having fun. The music lessons at Queen of Peace School are “disguised” as play. In 4K and 5K, learning is all about developing singing voices and getting students’ bodies up and moving. Students often use stuffed animals as “beat buddies” to create an expressive voice, look for patterns, and to find a steady beat. Students move scarves to the sound of an approaching storm and take turns singing solos to gain confidence in their voice. Basic note reading begins in 5K and progresses throughout the elementary years through fingerplays, singing games, and engagement with musical instruments such as the xylophone, metallophone, or the glockenspiel in addition to learning folk dancing and musical form. 

Intermediate students take more ownership of their musical learning through structured improvisation. Our middle school students build on their basic knowledge and compose music with Garageband while studying musical genres at a more advanced level.

Performing Arts

Queen of Peace School also provides many extracurricular experiences for students in the arts. Such experiences include participating in youth choirs and performing in the spring musical. These opportunities offer a well-rounded education in the arts, while providing all students with an outlet for expression and the opportunity to explore and develop their artistic talents.

Virtual Open House

If you are interested in learning more about what Queen of Peace School has to offer your child, feel free to join us for our K4 Virtual Preview Event on May 5th at 6:30 pm. Preview K4 at Queen of Peace School by connecting virtually with Administration, K4 Teachers, and Current K4 Parents. Come with questions or just to listen. This event is free to attend, but registration is required to gain access. You can register for this virtual preview event HERE.

Our Lady Queen of Peace School is located at 418 Holly Avenue in Madison. Feel free to contact the school office at 608.231.4580 with any questions or for a virtual tour of the school!

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