Why the Rush?

dsc_1199I am at the tail end of my pregnancy, forty weeks this Thursday to be exact. I am uncomfortable, waddling and ready… I think.

Being a second pregnancy it seems to have flown by. I have been so inundated with work, my toddler, and running the household that I haven’t had much time. This time around I haven’t cracked open any pregnancy books- I’ve done this once, I’ve got this, right? The only way I remember what week I am at is through my fruit/vegetable emails that come to my inbox- this past week apparently she is a mini-watermelon soon to be a small pumpkin. Thank goodness they noted mini and small in the email otherwise I may cry.

As the final weeks have been going by I have been getting questioned by everyone with constant guessing of what day she will arrive. “Do you think the baby will come early?” “I bet before your due date.” “I bet this weekend.” No fault of anyone who inquires, I know it is genuine caring and curiosity. I think with the constant focus on when she will come I have been mentally questioning myself. When is she coming… will she be early? On time? And the dreaded will she be late?

As the weeks have drawn nearer my family has not been making any weekend plans and lying low in anticipation. All bets were that she would make her grand entrance this weekend right as the Packer game started just to show her daddy already who was boss. Needless to say the game came and went, and I enjoyed a nice nap and grocery shopping alone… still no baby.

This past weekend I spent my time deep cleaning windows (nesting ran through my veins), daily walks, and swinging with my oldest (that’s new to say). As I gently pumped my legs on the swing, I looked over and saw the pure joy my daughter had on her face. She was elated just living in the moment. Why was I in such a rush? Why did I want her to come earlier than my due date? It is amazing what a 3-year old can teach a grownup even when they are not trying to.

The new addition would be here soon enough, when she was ready or when a possible induction made her ready. Until then this mama is going to bask in the one-on-one playtime, extra time to organize and clean, extra sleep, and time from not being a feeding source. 


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