2018 Madison Area Children’s Resale Roundup

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Whether you’re a first time expecting mom or onto your third, fourth, or fifth– it’s no secret that baby items can add up in cost quickly. One of my favorite things about Madison is the appreciation and abundance of a good thrift find. Some things are extra and nonessential, like toys, which makes finding them at a bargain all the better– if your kid doesn’t like the toy you’re only out $5 instead of the $50 it costs new. But some things are most definitely necessary, and so appreciated at a lower price- like clothing. As a mom of three boys, nothing is more valuable than a hardy pair of jeans and tees, and these resale events are the prime spot to find some! Take some time, join a mom friend, take or leave the kids, and check out these awesome resources available to shop. Don’t know where to start? I’ve complied a list of resale events for the remainder of the year! 

Happy Shopping!

*Please be sure to check out the links to read the fine print and details of each event

Sept 7th-9th

Half Pint Resale




Sept 15th

Madison Mom’s of Multiples




Oct 12th-14th

Just Between Friends




Oct 13th

Everything Kids Giant Resale





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