5 Tips For Hiking in Cold Weather with Babies

It’s almost that time of year again.

Winter can be such a fun time of the year, especially with little ones, but it definitely requires a little more planning and a few extra layers. If you’re someone who likes to get outdoors with babe, but aren’t sure how to do it now that the weather is getting colder, read on.

Disclaimer: Please do what is best for you and your baby, everyone’s situation is different, but I hope these tips help you to still enjoy the outdoors this winter with little worry!

1. Layers are your best friend: Not just for baby, but also for you. It’s always coldest starting out a hike or if you’re making frequent stops, so having layers is so important. I love wearing a base layer long sleeve shirt, a Sherpa style sweater since they hold heat excellent, and either a vest or a lighter weight puffy coat depending on how cold it is.

2. Try to do any diaper changes or feedings right before the hike: This will ensure you won’t need to make any stops to change a diaper or take a bottle out, (or freeze yourself if you’re breastfeeding!). Of course, if you’re planning a longer hike, packing a couple wipes and a diaper is never a bad idea in case of blowouts. We’ve all been there.

3. Socks, mittens, hats!: The extremities always get the coldest, the fastest. So making sure those are warm are essential. We love dressing our little one in socks under a long sleeve, footed onesie. If it’s really cold, we will also use fleece pants & a sweater over the onesie. We love our Carharrt toddler hat, which fits our baby great!

4. Invest in a baby bunting: You can easily find these second hand, oor gently used (basically brand new, because we all know how fast babies grow). Check Facebook marketplace or local second hand stores for these so you’re not spending a ton of money for something your baby will only wear for a month or two before outgrowing it. These are great for the top layer and ensuring your baby is all snuggly and cozy.

5. Be careful with elevated or rocky hikes: Hiking poles can be a great addition to helping you keep balance while in slippery snow or ice, while wearing your baby. Choosing hikes you’re already familiar with is also a great idea as you are more likely to know the terrain more than a new hike.


  1. I bought a babywearing coat two years ago (I got the 4-in-1 Mama Coat from Liliputi) and it has been so helpful for babywearing in cold weather! I can do a front carry or back carry with it and it keeps baby and me cozy inside, eliminating the need for extra layers for baby and the troubles of a carrier over a bulky coat. This particular coat can also be worn without the inserts as a normal coat and has a bump insert for pregnancy. I love it!


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