5 Ways to Style Your Black Leggings

The topic of black leggings brings up such happiness in my heart. As a mom of a 7 and 4 year old, leggings have been my close companions for the last 5+ years. I know you get exactly why. You are my people! Leggings meet all of the check list standards for being mommy approved: Comfortable, easy to clean, crouch friendly…leggings really have everything a mom could possibly want. We are also going to meet a final check list standard…stylish. In this vlog, I will cover many topics surrounding leggings, such as answering the question “Are leggings considered pants?”, as well as the secret to feeling great in your leggings 100% of the time and 5 ways to style your black leggings. This is like gold for your heart, mind, and eyeballs. Please enjoy responsibly by cuddling your leggings.

As promised, here are my best legging suggestions. I was bummed to find that the slimming legging by Soma is currently only available in Navy. I am not sure if they are phasing them out for good or if they are a seasonal item. But not to worry! I got your back as well (as your backside) with these other wonderful legging options that give great coverage and will hug your body beautifully.

Spanx Essential Stretch Leggings

Lysse Women’s Center Seam Ponte Leggings

Fleece Lined

Mix Black Fleece Leggings

Thank you so much for reading and watching! Did you have any thoughts on the black legging topic to share? Possibly a question? I would love to hear from you in the comments below…



P.S. I am also super interested in hearing what would make your mommy style easier. Styling questions? How can I help?

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  1. Awesome as always Krystle!! I think about you nearly ever time I get dressed after my closet consultation over a year ago! Rolling cuffs is how I always roll now! ???? I have the soma leggings you mentioned in black & navy. They are starting to pill a little bit. Any suggestions on how to safely de-pill without snagging? Thanks!

  2. Hey Katie! Glad to hear you are still dirty rolling those cuffs 🙂 For de-pilling, I would suggest using a a battery operated fabric defuzzer like this one http://amzn.to/2kI11jH
    I always place my hand flat on the inside of the garment and gently move the defuzzer in a circular motion on top of the fabric. I might have to do a video on that…hmm. Thank you for your lovely comment! xoxo

    • Hey Rachel 🙂 Soma has a store in West Town mall, but unfortunately the black leggings are sold out in store and online. I have linked to other black leggings that I recommend in the blog post as well as the Soma slimming legging in Navy. I hope that helps! xoxo

  3. Outfits three and five are my Favorite! Where do you find the great military jacket in outfit one? Do you have videos on jackets that make shapes or on how to tie scarfs?

    • Wonderful! I am glad you found two you liked <3 My military jacket is older, I found it at a boutique in Lake Geneva over 4 years ago…so I can't help you with finding that specific one, but If you like thrifting, I would recommend checking on poshmark, ebay, or even local second hand stores like Style Encore. Otherwise, you can check stores like Nordstroms, Gap, or H&M. I would type in the search bar "military jacket" also try "utility jacket". I do have an oldy but a goodie video on how to wear a scarf on my youtube channel https://youtu.be/h4cCZidb9no
      I hope that helps! xoxo

  4. Thanks Krystle,
    I found the video helpful. I actually do have those leggings in brown. And I have only worn them one time. I could still use your tips for the brown leggings? right?

  5. I think this is timely…thanks for sharing! Two questions: is there a certain material of legging that is more supportive and less sheer or shiny? Also, I love LOVE your lip color in this video…what brand and color is it?

    • Hey Joleen! Fun questions. I would look for high polyester/spandex blends if you want support and coverage. My lip color is TOPSHOP color ‘Rio Rio’. I hope that helps! Xoxo


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