All Your Family Needs From You

Just checking in: how are you feeling?

I don’t want to assume anything, so I’ll just tell you how I’m feeling in the midst of these crazy, unprecedented times we are living in…

  • Exhausted. I’ve never been so tired before, and yet I am in my own home — often in a seated position! — more than ever before. Howwww am I *yawn* SO tired ALL the time?!
  • Moody. I’m waking up exhausted, going to bed somewhat refreshed (?!), and feeling all over the map throughout the day. It’s incredibly inconsistent, and often has a lot to do with how much sunlight is coming through our windows on any given day. (Sadly, not much. We’re in Wisconsin, after all.)
  • Anxious. I’m currently writing this blog post. On my couch. Everyone else in the family is occupied. No one needs anything from me right now. But my heart is racing. Explain that.
  • Unmotivated. I’ve never not wanted to do anything more.
  • Inept. I can’t do this. I was not meant to be home with my children and my husband all. day. long. And now I’m supposed to teach these little humans, somehow? AND work? And feed them at all meals, keeping them occupied 24/7 outside of learning? And oh yeah, we can’t go anywhere or see anyone.
  • Guilty. Aaaaannd now, cue the guilt. My family is healthy. We are safe. We have the necessities many don’t. Why am I complaining? God, these feelings are so stupid. I need to shut up and be grateful.

Any of this resonate? Again, I’m not trying to make assumptions — but I am willing to bet (or maybe just hoping?) that I’m not alone.

So, take a deep breath, friend. Seriously, right now. Breathe. (I’m doing it too.) Hear me when I say: It’s okay. These feelings are normal. And they’re okay. They won’t last forever. (Even when it feels like they will.) This particular time of our lives isn’t going to be the rest of our lives. This is just right now. You can be grateful for your health and your safety AND simultaneously feel like you want to run away from your family if they ask you for one more thing. Please, remind yourself you are doing the best you can do. And that is enough. Today. In this moment. That is, in fact, all you can do — and that is all your family needs from you.

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