I’ve been told angels are beings who are sent from up above. 

To watch over and protect us. To give us unending love. 

Each person has an angel, one we cannot see. 

They watch over us day and night through all eternity.

They are beautiful heavenly creatures filled with enduring care and grace. 

And in our lives through good and bad they will always have a place. 

But I believe my angel is one who I can see.

One who I have known and like whom I want to be.

My angel has been my friend, and I couldn’t ask for another.

She’s been my guardian and my guide.

My angel is my mother.  

Shari is a Wisconsin native who recently returned to the Madison area. She is a passionate Badgers, Packers and Brewers fan, and she is excited to be surrounded by all things Bucky again! She loves to laugh and make others laugh, especially her son Noah (born 2015) and husband Jason. Shari is a stay-at-home mom to Noah, dogs Ace and Lucky, and cat Alonso. Her secret to successful “zoo keeping” is organization and wine. She holds degrees in Public Communication and Public Relations from UW-Eau Claire where she also worked as a writer before her son was born. She is looking forward to making Madison home again and to all of the adventures to come. Allons-y!



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