Tricia Connors has been married to Colin Connors for 6 years. They have two children together, Declan (5) and Maeve (4). They have lived together in the Madison area for about 8 years, although Tricia is an IL native and is still in the habit of calling it "home." She has been a stay-at-home mama since her first child was born, which has been a bumpy, but rewarding and humbling experience. When she is not with her children, talking about her children, or making plans for her children, Tricia likes to relax with friends and family, go to a very occasional yoga class, or go see a favorite band with her husband at one of Madison's great music venue's.

New Year, New You: Nope!!!

I genuinely get excited for the New Year. It feels a bit like a birthday for me. There’s both a sense of relief that I made it through another year with no major health...

Oh, Are They Twins?

No, they are not. My children were born 14 months apart. My husband and I were married at the ripe age of 33 in 2013. We had our firstborn, a boy, in 2014 and...