Bird Box – do you dare watch?!

Unless you have been living in a social media bubble, I am sure that you have heard or seen some kind of reference to the new Netflix original movie, Bird Box. Whether it has been another friend posting on Facebook about watching it, someone recommending that you watch it, or a funny meme that you kinda don’t understand (unless you have already watched it) the buzz around the movie has been circulating on all channels. Succumbing to the hype, we (and I say this loosely because my partner has a tendency to fall asleep to just about any movie that we watch from the comfort of our own home) watched it a few nights ago. Here are my thoughts. 

First off, don’t be too scared by the synopsis. While there are some intense and suspenseful moments in Bird Box, I wouldn’t put it in the category of a super scary movie. That said, there is definitely some blood. Okay… maybe a lot of blood in some scenes. But believe me when I say that I do NOT like scary movies, and I was okay with this one! I don’t mind blood though – that doesn’t bother me one bit… Dexter anyone?!

The premise of the movie is a woman is trying to save two kids from some apocalyptic disaster. The story backtracks and shows the moments that lead up to the moment when she finally flees with the kids. I appreciated the way that it was filmed – going back in time and then flashing to the current situation. It kept my attention through both storylines, which were equally suspenseful!

Now, here are my issues with the movie: The storyline leaves me with LOTS of questions. Staying away from spoilers, how does this disaster cross the ocean so darn fast? What exactly are people “seeing”? And lots of other questions that would give away too much to list. Sometimes these movies are so far fetched that there is no need to be scared because you can just say “yeah right” and move on with your evening. Bottom line is that it was entertaining, not too scary, and Sandra Bullock did a great job – as she so often does. Watch it with the lights on, and follow it up with Ellen Degeneres’ new comedy on Netflix and you will be just fine! 


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