Dear Elf on the Shelf,


Dear Elf on the Shelf,

Now that Christmas is a mere few weeks away, you will no doubt be arriving at the houses of many boys and girls.  You have already been at the end cap of the Target aisle for a month now, with your smiling face, just begging for parents to take you home with them, but wait, don’t forget all my new accessories, you say!  Your elf on the shelf surely needs a change of clothes!!

I hate to hurt your feelings Elf on the Shelf, but you have really changed since we first met.  Eight years ago, my son received you as a gift.  Back then nobody knew who you were.  We read your book, we named you, you moved every few days when I remembered about you, but that was about it.  Fast forward to now, and you have become a huge star!  Your picture is posted all over social media, you are pinned on pinterest over and over again, and I think all the fame has gone to your head!!

What happened to that sweet little Elf whose main purpose was to keep an eye on little children and report back to Santa?  Now a days you are acting more like a few Hollywood A-listers who shall remain nameless, and mom-arazzi are capturing you in the midst of your shenanigans.  Just as US Weekly and E News reports the downfall of Hollywood stars, Facebook is overflowing each morning with reports of all night dance parties with Barbie, trashing houses with flour, candy, and whatever you can get your little Elf hands on!

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I think its time for an intervention.  I am writing this letter in hopes that I can reach you before its too late!  Santa, Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, and all  your fellow elves care about you – they are here to help.  A few nights in front of the fire with some hot chocolate should do just the trick!  Go back to your roots Elf on the Shelf!!  Go back to the days where you simply sat in one spot keeping track of children’s behavior, and then flying back to the North Pole each night to be with the people who love you, your family.

Children will love you without all the funny business.  You have created a Holiday tradition, and children believe in your magic.  They eagerly await your arrival at their house (no earlier than December 1st, please) and love looking for you each morning.  Be you, Elf on the Shelf.


(Some) Moms


  1. I, personally, never believed in this Elf on the Shelf nonsense! These cute little elves have been around for many DECADES; they were popular Christmas decorations when I was growing up in the 1950s & 60s, NEVER a “threat” to make children behave! Some children now days are even terrorized by the very sight of these cute little elves. I say, “Shame on you parents for this!” Instead of terrorizing children with the ELF on the Shelf, teach them how to behave from the time they are old enough to know what “No” means! That would be a better use of your time & energy IMHO.


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