Do’s and Don’ts This Holiday Photo Season

Family photo season is upon us and I know many of my clients often feel a host of emotions (including excitement and stress!) while prepping for their family photos. I started off this post with more ideas about what to wear for your family photos this fall. But, once I started writing, I realized that as a photographer there are other things you should know when prepping for you big day.



1. DO: Take your time to find the right outfits.

I understand that this can be really overwhelming and time consuming. But, like most things in life-the time you invest doing something will be worth it in the end.

Here is a comprehensive guide of what to wear.

This season it is very on trend to stick with a pair of dark skinny jeans and boots for mom, jeans and a sleek button up for dad and some nice coordinating pieces for your little ones. Throw on a cardigan and scarf to keep yourself warm during the chilly fall session and consider vests to add dimension (and warmth!) to your photos.



2: DO: Trust yourself and your photographer

You’ve spent time finding the right one. So, trust their process. Sit back and relax, do what your photographer suggests and follow their lead. Of course, if you have something specific you were hoping for-spreak up! But, don’t be afraid to let your photographer do what you’ve hired them for and let them take creative control.

3: DON’T: Micromanage

Oooo, did anyone else get a little twinge reading this? No? Just me then. I know from experience that when you are at session and you’ve picked the perfect outfits and practiced your smiles, that you want everything PERFECT. Totally understandable. But, when the mom voice comes out (all you moms know what I mean…) your hubby and kids tend to tense up even more than before. Let your photographer be the boss and relax!

4: DON’T: Be discouraged. You are NOT the only one who’s child is not 100% cooperative. And chances are, sometimes you leave a photo shoot thinking there is no way the photographer got something. (See #1)

Untitled_0385 Untitled_0382

Taken minutes apart 😉

5: DO: Be yourselves!

Of course, we all want a nice family portrait, so in those scenarios it is the desire to have everyone look at the camera and smile. But, some of the most pricesless photos are the ones where you are gazing at your spouse or laughing with your children unposed.


6. DON’T: Worry


What?! Did I seriously just say that? YES! I did, because to sum it all up, you should invest in a photographer who’s work you trust and just show up, ready to sit pretty!

Good luck with your photo session! Now that you’ve conquered that, all you have left are the Holiday cards 😉


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